Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa Claus Came....And Went to Town on the Gifts!

Marley woke up Christmas morning at 6:30, went to investigate, then woke up Kaleigh to continue the investigation. Metta was the smart one who slept in until around 8:00...I think...I wasn't wearing my contacts to know for sure. Emalee had a rough night, so we just let her sleep as long as she would.

Santa did something different this year. He left a note in our Christmas tree with our Mistletoe Fairy. It read, "A Family that Plays Together, Stays Together. Enjoy a Family Christmas This year. Love Santa...PS The gifts without tags are not gags...They're for everyone to play with and enjoy."

The Stockings were hung on the reindeer post...It appeared that Santa gave Marley, Kaleigh and Merryetta, a doodle pad, crayons, lip gloss, hair accessories, candy, and a barrel of Monkeys. Emalee got a rattle, a package of treats, and crayons in her stocking. Merryetta had a huge zebra that was hanging onto the stocking post...(the zebra is twice the size of Metta). Mommy and Daddy had stuffed animals in our stockings too. Mommy had a monkey, and Daddy had a lion!. Daddy got a candy/deep frier thermometer with some macadamia nut pieces...I wonder what they could be for?
Mommy got an Engilsh Toffee Chocolate orange thing, and a handful of fingernail polish, and misc. make up!

We opened all the presents without any name tags first...boy was there a lot! Building Blocks, Skip*bo, Phase 10, Phase 10 Dice, Hands Down, Boggle Jr., Jumbling Tower, Mouse Trap, Cranium the Family Fun Game, Swap, Swipe, and Don't Spill the Beans. We got a few movies too! Charlotte's Webb, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Disney's Robin Hood-The Most Wanted Edition.

Then we opened the presents with name tags...Marley and Kaleigh each got a complete bed set that included...Comforter, Pillow Sham, and Dust Ruffle. Merryetta got a Disney Princess sheet, and Dust Ruffle for her bed. Emalee got a nice cozy fuzzy blanket with the Little Pond characters. Emalee got a few different rattles and toys to play with...I guess it's cause she's not big enough to play the games with the rest of the family yet!

The girls opened family presents to each other last. Emalee gave Marley, Kaleigh and Merryetta Disney Princess Highchairs for their dolls. Merryetta gave Marley and Kaleigh watches, (too bad Kaleigh's didn't work...we'll get that fixed though). She gave Emalee a little toy and bottle. Kaleigh gave Marley a small baby doll, with a little baby set that included, a diaper, bottle, bowl with a spoon and fork, She and Marley went together for Merryetta's present, a Little People Musical Ferris Wheel...Oh the joy we'll have every time it gets bumped! Kaleigh gave Emalee some Baby Einstein Activity Soft Blocks. Marley gave Kaleigh a Baby Pudgy Doll, and a little baby doll supply set...bottle, and different little baby doll gizmoes. She gave Emalee some little wrist rattles. (As mentioned before...she and Kaleigh went together for Metta)

I got a candle warmer from Kaleigh, and Marley gave me 2 candles (peach cobbler, and hazelnut cream scented). Merryetta and Emalee got me a new hairdryer...and this one's cool because it has a difuser with it!

Daddy got a card shuffler from Marley, a tie from Kaleigh, a picture frame remote control holder from Merryetta, and some knit gloves for him to wear when he goes cycling in the cold weather from Emalee.

As tradition goes in our family, on Christmas Eve, we call Grandma and Grandpa Reece. While we talk with them, we open the gifts from them! This year they gave us--as tradition goes--pajamas! We stayed in them all day today! Grandma and Grandpa gave each of the kids an outfit...all so cute and adorable! We got a few DVDs from them too! The Singles Ward, Mobsters and Mormons- including the soundtrack, and Ice Age the Melt down. The Reece's sent a few books, and games...Big Fish Little Fish, Old Maid, Count Down, Farmyard 1 2 3, and Jungle A B C....the girls love Count Down! Even Metta has fun playing it! There were lots of little odds and ends too. Braxton and
Nathan included little hair accessories for the girls too..Thanks Guys!

Debbie and Bryson...had our family for Christmas this year. They did a Family Home Evening theme. We got 2 cake mixes, cupcake liners, sprinkles, and a few games. Rods and Rivers, Book of Mormon Guess Who?, and as far as I can remember...(correct me if I'm wrong...) a Choose the Right Match Game. They gave Marley a Best Friend book, and Kaleigh and Merryetta got coloring/activity books. Just Perfect! We'll have some fun FHE memories for sure!

Grandma and Grandpa Arnold wake up extra early to listen to us open presents via the phone lines! I think we let them sleep in this year! Watch Out!!! It probably won't happen again!
They give the girls gummy life-savers every year, and every year that's the first thing gone because they are so loved! They gave Marley and Kaleigh each a Holly Hobbie doll. They have already had so much fun with them! They gave Merryetta a baby cabbage patch doll..he came with the name of Joel Chad. Cute little thing! They gave Emalee a cute little doll that she just squeezes when she holds. They must have dug deep into their pockets for Mike and I because they gave us a pretty fancy pancy Food Saver! We love it...and can't wait to use it!

Mark and Mitzi have our names for Christmas this year, they gave us the dvd Cars! There was some Whooping and Hollering from some excited girls after that one!

Matt and Michele sent us a little something too!They sent us a calendar with pictures of the family, and their boys gave our girls Disney's The Little Mermaid!

Please Forgive me for not putting more pictures of us opening presents on. We took over 100 pictures, of just opening presents! I tried to put a few here at the end, but I'm not going to be able to...I think I have too much now...so, in a week or so, I'll do another post with pictures only.


Reeces said...

Your pictures are the cutest. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. I need to get some picture paper so I can print off the picture. Talk to you again soon. mom

Robison Clan said...

Hey everyone! We are so excited that you guys all had a fun Christmas! We wish that we were able to have been there to see all your excitement opening presents, but little things like Metta happily screaming because she opened sprinkles made it ok to be over the phone! Lol If I remember correct there are a couple of girls with their birthday's in the next week ... so be sure you are looking for a couple bright colored envelopes in the next couple of days :) We miss you all so much! We love you guy's lots!
-Aunty Debbie & Uncle Bryce :?)