Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Birthday/Christmas Stuff???

Hello Everybody! Things are starting to settle down a TAD!!! However, we've still been extra busy this month. We did get a few things in the last week or two that were for Christmas or Birthdays. Just so ya'll know....

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bryson sent Marley and Merryetta $20 for their birthdays, and Grandma and Grandpa Reece & Nathan gave the two girls $10 each. Marley knew exactly what she wanted! Roller blades!!! So that's what she got...Metta said she wanted to get everybody something with her money...and she was EMPHATIC about it! Metta found a couple Little People toys...the Airplane, and Merry Maiden toy sets then found some fun card games that we didn't get for christmas. They've all enjoyed playing the games together so I'd say she did a good job!

Aunt Michele and Uncle Matt...(along with Zach and Tanner) sent Marley and Merryetta some clothes. Metta just loves her Princess hoodie, and shirts. (I think she thinks they're painted on and don't come off!) They gave Marley a long sleeve black turtle neck sweater that she looks absolutely sweet in. Infact...she's already worn it to school a couple times! They also gave her some "sent"sational soap to help her remember her baptismal covenants, and to remind her to stay clean. It smells so nice and scrumptios!

Anyway...In the same box as the birthday things, Michele sent the last Christmas present... a 99 piece puzzle of our Family. Mike was like a 2yr old again! (I think he likes puzzles) Thank you everybody! Hugs and Kisses all around!

Due to a series of unfortunate events (a dead battery, & a deleted memory card)...I have no pictures to add to this post...I hope you all will forgive me! I may come back and add some...once I have pictures to work with! Until then..words will have to do!

I'll get to the puzzle in the next post...that was a fun FHE activity that I'll share soon in a seperate post.

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