Friday, February 02, 2007

Well...February is off to a COLD start!!! February 1st brought cold weather, and the threat of a snow storm. So what else would Tennesseeans Do??? Cancel school!!! So, I had kids home all day yesterday...with NO snow on the ground...and cold cloudy weather. While I'm watching the news, they say...More snow on the way for tomorrow!!! My first thought! -Oh Great...another day where I get to battle the kids to do something around the house! And then I was more positive...-They won't close school! I can still get my houe clean before the weekend!!!

Well, This morning when I woke up about between 4:30 and 5:00, I checked the tv to see what was going on as far as the weather was concerned...Rutherford county hadn't made up their mind as to what to do yet...and neither had Murfreesboro City I had a brief sigh of relief...Brief...wasn't brief enough....I watched the tv for about an hour the next time the channel scrolled the school closures, it showed Rutherford County closed, and 9 times out of 10, when the county closes...the city closes, and not more than 2 min. later, there it was ...on the tv...Murfreesboro City Schools CLOSED.....Argh...

So I geared up for another day with the kids at home...This was not what I wanted...but I'm not in Utah with 3 or 4 feet of snow! ...I'm here...with barely an INCH...groan...

Just as Mike was getting ready to walk out the door for work...I heard Marley and Kaleigh screaming with excitement...there's snow!!! there's snow!!! So, I told them if they wanted to, the could get dressed and go play in it...While they were getting dressed I was walking around taking pictures of the yard...with dandruff... :)

Marley and Kaleigh wanted to make snow-angels, and snowballs, then they tasted the falling snow. Merryetta just walked around behind them...not quite sure what to do about the whole thing.

We did manage to find enough snow to do a Tennessee version of a snowman...Kaleigh made the snow balls to form the snowman, then Marley and Merryetta stacked them up to make the snowman. Once Kaleigh was done making the snowballs for the snowman, she was too cold to even go out for a picture.

Because the snow has been so "captivating" for the girls, they've been in and out of the house all morning long. When we get snow it's a big deal...even if it is "cloud dandruff"

Here are a few more pictures to warm the winter soul...

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Linda Reece said...

Congratulations on the snow! Those pictures are so cute of the girls. I especially love the little snowman!