Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Welcome to Kaleigh's 1st Grade Fieldtrip

Today, Kaleigh, and the rest of the first graders from Mitchel Neilson Primary School (MNP) had a wild time at the zoo. Watching the parents line the school parking lot behind the buses, and then proceed down the street was a little like watching a funeral procession- long and slow...

The drive there was nice and least for me in the car! I don't know what the atmosphere in the bus was, so I can't speak for the teachers! I arrived at the zoo just before the buses and had enough time to unload my things into the stroller. I got an excellent parking spot right near the entrance...and less than a hand full of steps from the bus drop off!

Since I was able to use our zoo membership to get in, we didn't have to stand in line waiting for the teachers to pass out the tickets to the grown ups helping out, or to get in. The membership line was nice and short...just us!!! gotta love that!

Once inside we the shade...for Mrs. Sharp's class to join us through the gate. Somehow, her class ended up behind ALL the groups going to the zoo today, but hey no worries...Kaleigh had plenty of scenery to keep her attention!

Each of the kids in my group were really good about following directions...well...mostly...For some reason, it seems your own children have a harder time minding. Kaleigh was definitely the child with her own agenda.

The kids were captivated from the word "go."

We did have one order of business to take care of before we could really get going...and that was a quick "pit-stop!"

The kids were all wanting to get to the petting zoo, so that's the direction we headed.

It never fails with kids, that their ambitions are forgotten the second they have to walk. My group wanted to take a rest at every single bench we passed. Which wasn't a bad thing necessarily, but it meant that we didn't see everything we wanted to. The kids had fun, and that's what the whole point was!

Before we knew it, it was time to meet for lunch, so we hiked back up the path to our designated spot...and waited...then waited some more...finally I called Mrs. Sharp on her cell phone to find out what she wanted us to do. We ended up meeting her group and a few of the other 1st grade classes in the parking lot where we sat on a shady spot of grass (or parking lot), ate, and rested.

With lunch over, it was time to load the buses and head back to the school. Once the buses started their engines I headed out. Back at the school the kids dropped like flies! Mrs Sharp had a good chunk of her class sleep all the way back, and one who chatted with her the ENTIRE drive back! I must've walked my kids to death or something because the kids in my group sprawled out on the floor as soon as they got back in the classroom.

Thanks for joining us on our 1st Grad Field trip!


joelhead said...

Sounds like you all had a fun trip. Now I want to go to a zoo....and then take a nice long nap in the middle of the day.

Anonymous said...

What a fun field trip. Wish we could have gone to the zoo too. Cute picture of Ms. Sharp and kaleigh.