Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike...and Rachel!!!

We Arnolds Look forward to August! Back to school, and 2 Birthdays!!!
Mike celebrated his 31st birthday this year! Wowy wow wow!!! He was really excited this year because there was a new Nintendo game coming out that he's been itching for.
So this year, the girls decided to give him what they knew he'd enjoy....
only cuz he talked about them SSSOOOO much!!!

He got:

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The Red Prophet Comics (an Orson Scott Card Book series turned comic book)

Wii Dollars for buying the good ol' games from the original NES system

The latest paper back version of Harry Potter

He definitely had a good birthday!!!

As for myself, I had an awesome birthday too! But no pictures to show for it!!!

Mike surprised me and took the day off, then he sent me to the SPA!!!! Yippee!!!
I experienced an hour long massage, ultimate facial, a spa lunch- (love the cucumber iced water!), manicure, and pedicure!

But that wasn't all!!! He took me out for a Matinee. We saw the movie Stardust. GREAT SHOW!!! then we went out to dinner.
What a day! When he goes big...he goes ALL OUT!!!
I think it's safe to say we both had great birthdays :D

I wonder how he'll top it off next year for my 30th?

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