Monday, August 25, 2008

Brag on Marley!!!

Well this past week was "back to school night" for the girls. I got to meet both girls teachers. I'm happy with their teachers and the girls seem to enjoying them as well :D

At the back to school night, I was given Marley's TCAP Report. For those of you who don't know what TCAP is, it's Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program Achievement Test. (The really big test about 2/3rd of the way into the year)

Marley did AWESOME!!!!
Her scores were pretty high.
Reading/Lang. Arts she scored 512 with a possible high of 640.
Below is how it's broken down.
(her score:score needed for proficient:score needed for advanced)
1.Content (83:36:68)
2.Meaning (92:35:78)
3.Vocab (93:39:82)
4.Writing/Organization (89:37:79)
5.Writing/Process (79:38:70)
6.Grammar/Conventions (81:36:68)
7.Techniques and Skills(88:48:79)

Math she scored 503 the highest possible is 630 lowest possible was 310.
same deal with the numbers (hers:proficient:advanced)
1.Number Sense/Theory (92:53:84)
2.Computation (98:82:96)
3.Algebraic Thinking (89:58:79)
4.Real World Prob. Solving (94:37:76)
5.Data Analysis and Probability (89:31:69)
6.Measurement (86:55:80)
7.Geometry (95:73:90)

In Social Studies she scored 210. The highest possible was 280 the lowest possible was 120.

In Science she scored 206. The highest possible score is 280 and the lowest is 120.

She is easily Proficient/Advanced for each of these as well.

She told me that in school they were divided into rotating math classes based on the scores from the TCAP. She was told she was "in the advanced class because of TCAP scores" She was so ecstatic to think her scores were that high! It really made her feel validated for all her hard work.

*high five* Marley!!!!
You Rock!!!

I do not have Kaleigh's scores to be able to report how she did. I know she did her best, and tried really hard. She gets an awesome *high-five* too!!!

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Aunti Debbie said...

That is so awesome!!! We might have to take some lessons from you to keep our minds up to date!

love you lots!!!
Keep up the learning!!