Thursday, September 11, 2008

Customer Service that Ain't!

WARNING....Drowsiness May Occur While Reading

Ok, so last month both Mike and I had birthdays...
We decided to combine our birthday presents into 1 BIG thing rather than lots of little things! So we got a Blue Ray Home Theater System. :)
Got it home and set up and LOVED they way it sounded! It played blue-ray as well as regular DVDs, MP3s, and regular audio cds! Gotta love that feature right???
It really never gave us a problem!
Mike ordered Heroes Season 2 in Blue-ray format. He was getting ready to do a viewing marathon in preparations for the new season starting.
He started watching and realized that all the bonus features he wanted to view or to use were inaccessible! What??? We couldn't use the bonus features?? That meant no commentaries, or anything else in the bonus area. All we could do was Watch the DVD!!!
For most DVDs that ok, but I happen to LOVE the commentaries, and my girls LOVE the bonus features. So this didn't look like it was going to be a "working relationship."
We did some more research on our birthday purchase and decided we would call the company who manufactured it and find out if it had the built in hardware to make it flash-update compatible etc.
What we discovered....
Tier 2 Technicians knew less than we did about their system. I heard Mike ask everybody he talked to the question, "Do you know the requirements for profile 1 vs 1.1?" to which he usually ended up explaining it to them. We were very disappointed in this company's customer service. We called at least 5 times and got 5 different5 answers to the question of updating the system.
We only had a week left before our 30 day return policy would be over. We needed a definite answer. We could handle not having the extra stuff IF there was going to be an update in the future, but we didn't want to hold onto it in hopes of updating only to find out there wasn't going to be one then be left with an expensive unit that doesn't do what we really wanted it to do! We even told the customer service people either it does or it doesn't we need to know so we can return it. They didn't seem to care that we said we were going to return it. They didn't do or say anything to make us want to even stay with the company!
We took it back.
Now we have no way to watch any movies...
our old DVD player
"gave up the ghost!"
Maybe Santa can help us out a little early right???

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Novak Family said...

I love my gadgets and BluRay is high up on that list. I picked up the Sony BDP-S350 about 2 months ago now and love it. No issues, fast load times, and Profile 2 ready with BD-Live. I highly recommend it. :)