Monday, September 22, 2008

Marley's New Hobby

Well, Marley has been "anxiously" waiting for her 4th grade year for some time now. Why you may ask? Well, it's ALL my fault :D

I felt that the kids didn't need to be scheduled out their ears for everything left and right that came up. I've been giving her the "When I was Your Age" speech and blah blah she's finally the age I was when I started doing my after school sports stuff....(thanks to my dad being the coach)

She's wanted to do cheer leading, I'm completely ok with the actual cheer leading, stunts, and tumbling, I'm not so ok with the body movements to a lot of the cheers, and the personality that a lot of the cheer leaders tend to take on. I know not all cheer leaders are snooty snot nose buckets...but enough of them are that I would hate to see Marley get an attitude like that so after talking things over and looking at different options, She decided not to do Cheer.

Realizing that she still wanted to do something we kept looking for something that fits her personality. I think we found it!!!
No Dad, it's not basketball, flag football, or even soccer... Maybe eventually we'll find the right sports program for her, but for now she's liking...................................


This is not a cheap sport! ($30 registration/insurance then $9.50/wk from now til May, $20 for the baton, $30 for the fall uniform, $30 for the winter uniform, $20 for the shoes) She's only had one 45 min. class so far...and absolutely LOVES it! :D
Being a part of this Baton group she will have many fun experiences. She will get to be in the MTSU homecoming parade in November, She'll get to do a half time show for the MTSU basketball team, and other way cool things. If she has perfect attendence, she'll even get a trophy!
She came home doing some pretty shnazzy stuff with a baton! I got to watch the last 10 min. of her class. She looked AWESOME!! take a peek and see for yourself
(she's the one in the yellow shirt)



Lila said...

umm awesome! way to go marley!

dougbay said...

check that bad girl out!

Aunti' Debbie said...

I think its safe to say I have the most talented Neices ever! Way to go girly! you looked awesome!! We love you guys, and hope you're doing well. xoxo