Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mountain making.

Recently a friend of ours wrote about his mountain conquering feat.
This week I had my own mountainous task of creating and moving mountains.
Now my story starts Wednesday morning when I had a few minutes before our Realtor came over fill out some paper work on a counter counter offer on the house we wanted. So I stepped outside and started gathering my tools that I knew I would need. I set my mind to work by turning on some music and cranking up the volume. For those of you who have never created mountains you need to know that contrary to what you might think Mother Nature does not work with you, but against you and you have to plan your attack and then be ready to change quickly to counter her moves at best you can.
By the time our Realtor arrived I had a good start and a small range and another mound based on the my attack changes to counter Mother Nature. After he left I went back out and moved the range of Oak to the middle of our front yard, and the mound that seemed to have built up in our back driveway was maneuvered to the back side so we could take the call and make run some errands.
When we returned home I jumped right back on the task of completing the southern(front yard) range. This time I started the attack on the eastern front and worked to gather it toward the south. At this point I pulled out my blue and silver cape that I use to move my the small mountains and combine them. I piled them on my cape one at a time and then power pull them to the desired location, line them up and pack them together to create a large peak or nice range.
There were times when I was tempted and even tried to lay down on the job and rest......... but trust me when I say that it always fell through.
Once I finished the southern range I called it a day and retired to rest and build up the strength for the larger and more intensive northwestern range.

On Thursday I came at it with a new intensity and started gathering the pines and the maples. Somehow and for some reason I went in the house and ended up not getting right back out and on task until after we went to the school and had Thanksgiving lunch with Marley and Kaleigh. I did get back to work when we returned home and I was able to complete the task still on time thanks to the cooperation from Mother Nature. I must have shown her that I was serious and not to be swayed by her cold breath the day before.

And as I am typing and posting this I was just notified that my piles should be in windrows of no more then two feet in depth. Well .... I may have exceeded that... but only a little.
Anyway I hope you enjoy these pictures of the process and the fun. I know Rachel is going to hate the way I have them here, and she will probably edit it to make it work with her style, and I am ok with that.

Here you have some wild life that was found buried in....

poking out....

....or just being caught where she wouldn't normally be caught.

Metta found that learning to fly was fun even when she crash landed.

As the sun set over the North-Western range, life with the girls quiets down.
Oh and here is a bit-o-fun for you. There is a hidden Arnold in this one. Can you find the Missing Michael.

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Jared and Emily said...

Wow! Thats a lot of leaves!Looks like you guys had a lot of fun with them. We really like your pictures! They're great!