Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our Family Night at MTSU

We got to go watch Marley perform at MTSU's Lady Raiders Basketball game last night. Ema was so tired she fell asleep before we got there

Even the roaring crowd and MTSU band...(that we were sitting right next to) couldn't wake her up! Leave that to the Kaleigh department! She "woke up" in time to see the half time show! :)

Marley's Cindy Cinderella's Talent Academy has done things like this for the past 30 some odd years. There was a younger group, and an older group of girls that got to perform. Both groups did an awesome job!
This is the younger group doing what they called the "brush your hair" dance...

The older group did the "Hip Hop Hokey Poky" dance...

Marley wasn't so sure she really wanted to do the half time dance. I'm glad she did. It wasn't as nearly as bad as she thought it was going to wasn't bad at all!

Thanks Eric for getting us the tickets :)
and Great job to Marley, for dancing her little heart out!
and Good Game Lady Raiders!


Brianna and Owen said...

She looks good! How fun for her (and you too!)!

littlefamilyJLD said...

Way to go Marley! You're a dancing queen!

jenny_moffat said...

Hey Mike and Rachel. I wanted to let you know that Jeff started a facebook group for Grandpa, "In Memory of Orson Dean Price." I am not sure if you have a facebook or not but anyone can join the group. We are all sharing memories and pics. If you will share this info with anyone that would enjoy sharing and remembering that would be great. The link is
Thanks, Jenny