Friday, March 20, 2009

How We Met...My Side of the Story :)

Join me on a trip through 'memory lane'

First Meeting...

I was in 10th grade at a school play with my younger sister Bek, and some friends of mine...Tiff, Criddle, and a few others... After the play we went out for some food at the local 'hot spot' Arctic Circle. Being 15 yrs old I had an early curfew, and couldn't drive. I had to be home somewhat early compared to the others... This was a problem as the group I had come with weren't quite ready to go. A nice guy in the group offered to bring us home... his name was Mike. We thanked him as we got out and walked in the time for curfew! My Aunt and Uncle were there visiting and made this comment, "That's the kind of guy you want to marry, one who is willing to leave a party to get you home in time for curfew!" I laughed it off and forgot about it...

A year and a half later...just before my Senior year and my 17th birthday...

There I was. My family had just moved to a new city. I was excited to get to know the others my age in church. I was grateful for the new start. I had been gone to a week long girls' camp and got home Friday Aug. 11th completely exhausted only to get a call from my friend Tiff. It instantly energized me!

She had called to organize a group date later that night. I loved hanging out with all of them. I was excited to go, and yet a little nervous when I later found out it was a Young Single Adult dance...the kind where you are supposed to be 18 or older... which I wasn't!! We were trying to get a group of even girls to boys although nobody was pairing off... The group ended up being a person short... Tiff had the inspiration to call her neighbor to join the group in place of the guy who couldn't make it. When he walked in the door I looked up at him and raised my hand at him and said, "Hey Mike!" I knew him from stake activities, and from our group of friends. He had been to a graduation party I had been to earlier that summer when some of the friends in my group had graduated. I had talked to him a little bit then... kind of being 'flirty' only he has no memory of it now...or of even being at the party in general. Anyway... as Tiff's house filled with Young Adults the excitement increased. To be honest I don't remember all we did. This group of friends did lots of group dates and now they all kind of jumble together.

The time came to leave for the dance that was across town. The caravan of cars pulled down the street. Me and a couple other girls rode up with Tiff. I do remember sitting 'shotgun' and making the statement that I felt like something special was going to happen. I didn't know what, but something special was going to happen. I left it at that, and was just excited to be out.

We go in to the dance, and huddle together on the dance floor chatting about nothing in particular. I don't remember how it started but I know I began singing with the songs, and just acting goofy. I was mortified when I got a tap on my shoulder in the middle of my rendition of Celine Dion's Power of Love. I swirled around and saw Mike! He said something that I swore I'd never forget, but unfortunately have...(something about can I take you out of your misery comes to mind) He asked me to dance. I wasn't going to complain! Dancing at a dance is good right? Even if I had just royally been embarrassed beyond measure!!!

We gravitated toward the seats against the wall where Tiff and some of the others were sitting. We all talked for a while. I can't remember exactly when, or how, but we started holding hands, and never let go the rest of the night. He ended up leaving a little bit early to take some of the people in his car home early. I walked out with them and said goodbye with a wave as they drove off. I left a little bit later with Tiff and her car full of girls. I was the first drop off. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for their drive home. I heard I had been the topic of conversation...

The next night, Saturday 12th, I had a region dance I was planning on attending. I had already picked up an extra dance card because I had heard a friend of the family was coming to visit, and that she might like to go with us. I asked her, and she responded she was too tired and didn't want to, I had 'inspiration' to call Mike! He said he'd love to go. We had SO much fun at that dance! I had never been so happy! He brought me home after the dance and came in to see my family.

The next week we went out to dinner and a just so happened to be my sister's birthday and he celebrated with us :) nice guy! He kissed me goodnight before leaving! (So much for Sweet 16 never been kissed!!!)

His birthday was the next day. He'd planned to hike Timpanogos I got a last minute invite... I had no idea what exactly I was in for. I'd never hiked it before! It was a HARD hike for me, but It was completely beautiful! He kissed me by the waterfall :)

It was another week before we did 17th birthday was coming up. My family had planned a surprise party for me. All the friends from the new ward came. Mike showed up with some beautiful roses for me :D

School had started. He had worked it out to come out to my house and pick me up and drive me to school. We'd talk again in the evenings about 5:00 for about 20 min before he would have to go for dinner.

I went to his mission farewell... and got to meet a lot of his extended family.
One night before he left, my dad had borrowed a telescope from the school had everybody stargazing and looking at the planet Saturn, with the rings around it. Mike whispered to me that seeing rings around Saturn was nice, but he'd rather see rings around my finger when we were married, and then he asked me if I would wait for him...on the condition that I HAD to date while he was gone.

We wrote each other as often as possible. He knew when I was dating because the letters slowed down for a bit then picked back up. :) He had arranged for me to have flowers delivered to me for my 18th birthday, and even sneaked in a little call once to tell me they were closing down a city so not to send any letters until I got an address from him. I think it was just an excuse to call me at 5 in the morning :)

When his plane flew in (Sept 26th), I unfortunately was running late, and didn't get to see him walk off the plane, but I was ok with that because it gave him time to reunite with his family without me being in the way. Once he saw me though, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and wouldn't let my hand go.

We were waiting on the grass just near the East entrance at 3:00 am (Oct. 5th) for the Sunday session of general conference to admit those lined up around the temple. Mike looked over at me and said, "I think I just decided I want to marry you" to which I quickly responded, "You JUST decided this?" After eating dinner in the ZCMI food court at McDonalds, he gave me a ring to solidify the engagement on Nov. 15th as we were overlooking the SLC temple.

We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on
March 20th 1998.
It's been a wonderful 11 years with many ups and downs, but where the Ups far outweigh the downs :)


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I love the Saturn comment, so romantic!! *sigh*

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So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

I love your story!!!

Morehead Family said...

I loved reading your story! I can't believe you've been married for 11 years. Where does the time go?