Monday, June 01, 2009

Sunday's Family Walk...

Yesterday was a beautiful day...a bit on the warm side, but so pretty!!!
On the way home from church, Mike and I decided we wanted to go for a walk with the family today. Just a fun, no worry, as long as we want to go walk.

We got home told the girls to change quickly and to have a piece of pizza. It took us a bit to get everybody ready and out the door, but we did it!

We drove over to the Thompson Lane greenway trail head and started walking. The girls were having fun, and all was well. It got a bit warm in the sun (87), and much more comfortable in the shade :)

We met a retired couple who moved to TN about 4 years ago. We started chatting with them after they asked if ALL those girls were sisters...and our kids... A question we get a LOT out here! They asked us where we were from, and started talking. I think we talked for about 10-15 min. They asked us lots of questions about Utah. They wanted to go visit Zions, and Bryce Canyon, and tour Utah a bit, and were wondering when the best time to do it would be. They have been married for about 55 years. They sounded like they were going to head out Utah's way in the early fall...some time after labor day.

Ema decided that she wanted to pick up treasures. I quickly made up a rule that said she could only have 1 treasure. if she picked up something else, she had to decide which one she wanted more, then put the other one back on the ground. I was amazed at how obedient she was! She'd pick up something new every 2 or 3 steps...which for her isn't very far apart...pick up a treasure, and put it in one pocket, then she'd take what was in her other pocket and throw it off to the side. She made sure we knew she could only have 1 treasure. SO cute! anyway... I wish her bigger sister would have heeded the rule a bit better.

Kaleigh had been up the path almost out of our sites for most of the walk, and by the time we were all back together again both of her pockets were crammed FULL of "pretty" rocks and sea shells left along the river banks. She didn't like the idea of only having 1 treasure so much. Thankfully by the time we were back in the car her pockets were empty!

We walked for about 2 miles to get to the park, then we let the girls play and Mike ventured on more down the greenway to get some pictures. I wasn't thinking and was wearing shoes that made my feet incredibly sore, so I stayed put, and watched the kiddos play. Metta has really been wanting me to take pictures of her on the Monkey bars. Pictures are good, but videos are better...

Marley I guess, has been doing her little trick for a while now, but since she has only done it at school, it was a bit surprising to see it out of nowhere. When Mike first saw her do it a week ago, he only saw it out of the corner of his eye and flinched like he needed to go pick her up because she had fallen. It takes a lot to scare him at a playground, but that seriously made him jump!!! :) He got some pictures of her doing it last week, but I got the video of it this week.

I'll have Mike do a post with his pictures. He had his camera out more than I had mine out...

It was about 4:30 when we decided to leave the park and head home. (the Girl Scouts started showing up for their reserved pavilion and it got pretty crowded) We headed the 2 miles or so back to the car. With just over a mile left to the car, Kaleigh's nose sprung a nasty leak of red...not sure if she got kicked in the face trying to put Ema on her shoulders or if it was just hot for her... needless to say, I was not happy and I picked up my pace and "encouraged" Kaleigh to do the same.

All in all it was a nice relaxing Sunday. The girls did really well on our little 4 mile journey. I hope we get a few more this summer!!!

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