Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vacation Part 2

The first week we were in UT, we stayed at my parents' house. We were lucky enough to be there the week of the neighborhood yard sale! I found a few treasures to bring home for a really good price! yippee for me!!!

Marley and I took advantage of the yard sales and went for our run/walk around the neighborhood to scout out the deals. There were SO many things I wanted to get, but darn it all...trying to take them back across the country made me think twice! I saw a couple AWESOME halloween costumes, and other fun things. Marley found a camera case and tripod for her camera, and a few pairs of shoes! You know you're in trouble when you have to pack a bag of just SHOES for family vacation!! Sunday shoes, running shoes, cycling shoes, etc. etc. etc. One heavy bag... yikes!!

We were able to celebrate Father's Day with my family. We had a nice big dinner... and PIE for dessert! I taught my brother how to make this pie to impress the ladies...or his mission companions... $100 Banana Creme Sensation!!!

ingredients: graham cracker crust, banana pudding, sour cream, cool whip, and a center layer of sliced bananas! MMmmm!!!

I had to make sure Mike got a piece of pie cuz he missed our ward's traditional Father's Day Pie on the Porch. Everybody at home seemed to like it!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads

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