Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Fun!

We were invited to go camping over Labor Day weekend. After reviewing our schedule of things that had to be done, and looking at Mike's work schedule, I had figured we'd leave early Saturday morning and meet our friends then. Mike felt some extra ambition, I guess, and said he thought we could leave and make it there Friday night. That meant I had to get a bit more done a bit quicker... Oh well!

He got home and we got things packed and loaded. I still hadn't done any grocery shopping for our camp food, so I went in to do the shopping as the rest of them headed to get dinner.

We are about an hour and a half away from the camp ground, and as we left I called the friends we were camping with and let them know that we would be there in a couple hours. We pulled up around 11 pm to the campground to find that it was closed. Our friends happened to call us within minutes of pulling up. The girls were sleeping soundly at this point, so I elected to stay and sleep in the car while the guys unloaded our gear, and hauled it to the campground in our friend's pick up.
Mike set up the tent and got it all ready for us. Once he was ready the pick up came back to pick up me and the kids.

ahhh, a good night's rest!

We had a nice campground! It was a great group site! Saturday the group (minus me- I didn't have any shoes b/c Marley was using mine) went for a hike to the dripping water fall. They had fun playing in the water. I had fun napping and listening to music!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in the dirt, and with their friends. The kids also decided that they were in charge of building the fires to sit around. For the most part, I was ok with that. My girls were right there with the boys getting dirty and tending to the fire(s).

Just being out camping made me want to do it more often.

Sunday, we got up early, and got ready for church. We drove to Murfreesboro. Church was nice. The drive was LONG... everybody was having a hard time staying awake. We brought back part of our dessert with us... the Ice Cream!!! Yes, it stayed nice and frozen in a cooler in the back of our car for over 5 hrs! It was SO good with our dutch oven peach cobbler!!! YUMMMY!!!

Monday Mike went out for a bike ride... he did some awesome hill repeats We had a nice BIG breakfast to give the rest of us a great start! It was time to start breaking camp. I know we had a lot of stuff... but our friends take the cake with their load! They seriously take their kitchen sink with them... lol!

We headed down to the lake to let the kids play and work off some energy. As the guys were unloading the boat, I heard a weather alert come over the radio of a near-by fisherman. Severe storms coming our way with sky to ground lightning, and high winds. Within minutes, the storm was on us. We waited it out in our cars. It was pretty intense! As the storm passed, a light mist formed over the glassy lake. The kids were anxious to get out and on the boat. It was a fun way to finish our Labor day weekend!

I figured I'd post this... even though there are NO pictures... Hubby's camera never gets unloaded :(

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