Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Letter of 2009...

Well since everything else this year has feels as though it has been fashionably late, why not make my Christmas Letter fashionably late as well!

Quick and Ezy Pzy. For every letter of Christmas, there is something we can look back on in this the year 2009 and remember...

C- Changes... Mike Changed Positions at Work. He is now an Analyst w/ VZW HQ
(Metta started Kindergarten)
H- House Hunting Continues...
R- Read the Book of Mormon TWICE!!!
I- Increase... We Have Increased Our Knowledge of Scripture Through Daily Study Topics
S- School Sports!!! Marley Made the Basketball Team! She Improved With Each Game!
T- is for Tornado... missed us by about 300 yds on Good Friday
M- Music Now Fills the House Since I Got My Baby Grand!!!
A- Adding to the Population... Nope, Not in this house!!! We had family join us here in TN! Welcome Reeces! We're Glad You Came Our Way :)
S- Seeing Family in UT during our Summer Vacation and Seeing Historical Church Sites as Well as a Couple Homes of Laura Ingalls Wilder

This year has been full of blessings left and right. The things listed are a mere tip of the ice berg. We are enthusiastically looking ahead to what adventures will come our way...

Merry Christmas Family & Friends

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