Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I just hit the jackpot!!!

Ok... so not really :) If you click on the title to this post, it will take you to their home page and you can read more about it from there... you can also click on the widgit top left of the page to get to the website as well!

How many of you moms out there get TIRED of planning what to fix for dinner each night?
I know I do.
I've often said, won't somebody just tell me what to fix, cuz I'm tired of coming up with ideas on my own! When I go shopping, I try to plan a menu for a week or 2 at a time... but my menus end up repeating the same thing over and over... spaghetti, mac n cheese, tacos, chicken this, hamburger that... yada yada yada.... I know many of you who shop according to sales, and don't plan a menu... this is something you will definitely be interested in as well!!!

The other day, Mike came home from work and told me of an ad he heard on the radio. It's called Ez Meals! They plan your meals and sets up a shopping list and all you have to do is download it and print it! Its pretty cheap too! $!.25 a week, or $15 ever 3 months!!!

It's great because... it is designed for those who...

  • are on a budget
  • on a diet
  • have a picky family
  • etc.
 So How does it work you ask??

you can select what store you want to have the menu generated with... I use Kroger because that's where I do MOST of my shopping :) (they have 28 different plans you can choose from... from gluten free, low fat, to family of 4-6, and vegetarian)

Once you select your plan you print out the menu they select based on what's on sale for the week using the weekly ads that the stores put out.

For my family 1 weeks worth of dinner meals the avg. cost is $85 worth of groceries! I'm sure you couponers are thinking you could get it cheaper... I'm sure you could ;)

I think its great! I'm looking forward to it!
Its definitely a good thing for this Mommy!!!


TeresaL said...

I just saw this the other day!

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