Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a fun weekend! Our ward had its annual chili cook-off, and fall festival on Saturday. I won last year's cook-off, so of course, I had to defend the title this year too! :) One of the runners-up last year had been talking big about going to win it this year. Last year I shared a bit of our winning recipe...So last year's runner up used our secret ingredient in his chili this year. I don't think it helped him as much as he wanted it to. He moved from 3rd place last year to 2nd place this year. The victory of 1st place is still in my possession! We were smart enough this year to write down the recipe that we used. Thanks to Aunt Pat for her basic recipe that we've tweaked to make our own. ;)

Marley and Kaleigh had fun playing. Merryetta and her buddy were in-seperable. Me and Mike got to sit and chat grown up chat with the other grown-ups. It was just a fun time. Nice and relaxing. To finish up the night, the bishop hooked his suburban up to a trailer and gave "Hey" (yes I spelled it e-y on purpose there was no hay) rides. The ride was a 2 mile trip around his neighborhood. His wife sat in the back of the suburban with the "spooky" commentary. It was just a really fun time...made even better knowing that BYU won their game against Air Force.

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