Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hope you all had a very happy Halloween! We had fun despite the rain! I think all of the girls had a good 5 lb. bag of candy by the time we were all done! We walked around downtown Murfreesboro to all the different stores/shops.
Marley dressed up like a witch, Kaleigh was a peppy cheerleader, Metta was a cute little Miss Behaved! After we got done around the square (downtown) we went home for dinner...Sonic had $.99 kids meals to celebrate Halloween. Once we finished eating we walked around the neighborhood. We've never had trick-or-treaters before..and this year we passed a whole bunch of them! On our street! Too bad we weren't home! Oh well...we didn't have candy for them anyway! :) Mike has a co-worker that lives on the street behind us, and the girls have a couple friends who live just behind us that we went to visit too. After that street we thought we'd go over and visit with a couple of families in our ward that just live in the subdivision to the East of us. Unfortunately, none of them were home...but we still had fun. On our way back to the house, we pass "the mansion"

and we decided this was the year to knock on the door. As we approached the house, up the neverending driveway, it had a very erie feel with the fog and everything...definitely a Halloween experience! The girls walked slowly up the steps and peeked in the door....

They knocked on the door...and Marley's friend's mom answered! I had no clue she had anything to do with that house...I always associated her with the house on the corner! It was a pleasant surprise! The girls got a handful of candy from just about every house they went to. By the time we got to our street, the girls were ready for bed. Metta barely made it to her bed before falling asleep. Kaleigh didn't even make it to her pajamas before she crashed.

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