Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's Happened Yet Again!

It was just another day at the Arnold house, when....Miss Merryetta came downstairs...At first I didn't notice she was missing a good chunk of hair on the right half of her head. I had been busy with laundry, and Emalee was sleeping peacefully. I could hear her in the other room, but I thought she was just reading a story...HAH!!! When she turned her head towards me, she looked different, but I couldn't figure out why. Then I took another look....She looked odd because she was missing her beautiful long golden locks on the right side!
When I asked her about it, she said, "KoKo did it!" I said, "Yah Right! KoKo is at school...Mettta did it!" She just smiled like I am so beautiful...I did such a good job!...I was trying so hard not to laugh...I just kept thinking of the photo ops! Don't get me wrong...I was mad...more at Kaleigh for good reasons...2 days earlier...when we were setting up our Christmas tree...Kaleigh tried to trim Metta's bangs...Luckily she didn't slaughter them. Kaleigh then cut the barbie's hair to a short bob. Metta caught on really quick...unfortunately :( In the past, it's been bad...but usually I can fix it without too much work.

My luck would have it not be so easy this time! I had to take her to a friend of ours from church and have her fix it.
One of the funny things was Metta's reaction to me taking pictures. She was so proud of her work, and she was all smiles and cute about it...until I started taking pictures, and sending them to her work.

Once she understood daddy was going to see her work...she got hysterical and started bawling. Funny that for me it's cute and all smiles...but for's a bad thing...Once again...I wanted to laugh and to play like it was no big deal...but I didn't dare show that....I don't want anymore haircuts with blunt nose school scissors! Katie did a good job of fixing it. Mike's first reaction to the final haircut was..."That is so not my Metta. But I'll get used to it." It's not just the pretty locks that are gone...she's lost that cute little innocent look to. Now, more than ever see the mischievousness behind the smile. Sorry we didn't get a good picture of her before the incident. We're also hoping her hair grows back somewhat quickly.
Anyway...Metta is Metta. As long as she doesn't cut her hair anymore we'll all be happy!

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