Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our Thanksgiving Adventure!

Well Thanksgiving here in Tennessee was fun fun fun! (Not as much fun as it would have been to be with family though...)

Our Ward Family had a big Thanksgiving dinner at the church house. Lots of food leftover...no rolls though...(Mike's rolls were so good he's had a request to make 150 of them for the ward Christmas party!) I guess we should buy some stock in Flour or something, because we're sure using a lot of it now!
Anyway...We ate our dinner and chatted. The kids all ate their dinner and watched the movie Cars. It was kind of funny, as soon as the movie got over, everybody dashed to the table where the food was, and put it all away, and then cleaned up the tables...half of the adults were still eating! I guess the 2 adults that were watching the movie were ready to go home! I know that nobody at my table was ready! Dinner started at 4 we were cleaned up between 5:30 and 6! That never happens right? Those of us that were still eating, finished eating. Then we sat and talked...we saved our table from being put away, then we played games until about 8:00. After that, everybody was ready to go.
Thanksgiving was definitely a vacation!

We did a smaller Thanksgiving too. We went to the Pike's house and had a mini (ok a regular size) Thanksgiving with them. It was really a fun night. Jennie fixed a wonderful turkey and used Brian's mom's recipe for the stuffing! It was very delicious! I think I need to get the recipe! She also did the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a cherry pie! We took the gravy, salad, cranberry sauce, a relish tray, Mike's homemade rolls, pumpkin pie, and an apple pie.
It was so a time to gain those unwanted pounds! We had a lot of fun playing card games like Poo Head, and Rook. We taught them how to play Euchre. It's always fun to get together to play games and chat. The kids had fun watching Over the Hedge and playing around.

We hope everybody had an AWESOME Thanksgiving, because we sure did...Sorry we weren't there to make the rolls for everybody...I guess once you've found your calling in life (Mike's is apparantly making yummy rolls!) you do it wherever you go...and he does! Ok, so his calling in life is more than just making rolls...I guess that's his second calling...the first one being the most important...Father/Husband. And I like it!

With Christmas just around the corner, watch for our Christmas Letter Update! It will have our year of adventures...even the not so fun ones!


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The Bates Crew said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Those rolls did look pretty good. I bet mom would have liked Mike's help this year, she was in charge of making them for the Price's Thankgiving dinner. I'm glad you had such a good time and fun friends to spend it with since we all couldn't spend it together.