Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy Birthday Marley

Marley had one of the most important birthdays this year! She turned 8 years old, and decided to be baptized. We'll talk more about her baptism later...this post is about her birthday, and accomplishments over the past year.

This past year Marley has...

*Learned to Read

*Learned how to do tricks on her bike/scooter

*Can tell time

*Can do Round offs (cartwheels)

*Can read and follow a recipe

Marley got Uno from her sister Merryetta. Kaleigh gave her a scrapbook and some filler paper. Emalee gave her a long sleve shirt with a necklace and bracelet that match. Mom and Dad gave her some scriptures and a purple scripture case...we're still waiting on the scripture case. I guess it's on back order! Grandma Arnold gave her a very pretty Olive-green dress that she wore after her baptism. We ended up putting off the cake until Grandma and Grandpa Reece...(and Uncle Nathan too)got here from Salt Lake

Marley had a fun birthday. She is very excited to fill her scrapbook with lots of fun memories!

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