Tuesday, January 02, 2007


What better way to start off the new year than with a birthday! Merryetta turned 3 this year. We had her check up this past Thursday. She has done some remarkable growing over the last year. She's 38.5 in. tall, and weighs 33 lbs.. That puts her in the 75% for weight, and 75-90% for height. She is heavy for her age, but because she's so tall it ends up balancing out.

Some things Merryetta has accomplished in the last year are...

* Winking

* 100% Potty Trained

* Cutting Hair

* Talking in Sentences

* Knowing Colors and Shapes

* Riding a 2 Wheeler with Training Wheels

For her birthday this year she got some fun things...

Grandma Arnold sent her a cute denim dress & jacket.
Mom and Dad gave her a necklace/bracelet, and the story "I Love You Stinky Face"
Marley gave her a "Lemonade" play set
Kaleigh gave her some Fisher Price Little People Accessory toys
Emalee gave her a Little People School bus

For her birthday cake, we made cupcakes and put them on a plate to look like a flower! She had fun putting on the sprinkles, and gobbling them down.

She's going to miss her buddy Kimball this year in nursery... He moved up to sunbeams, and she stayed behind because her birthday came 2 days after the cut off. Oh well I guess!
Now she'll be there with Emalee when Emalee goes in at the end of the year!
With a new year starting it'll be fun to see what things she learns this year!

!Way To Grow Metta!

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