Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hi everybody...sorry it's been a while since I posted anything new. We've had a busy couple months around here. Since my last post we've bought a new computer, the new Nintendo Wii, a new dining room set, and a reclining couch w/ large reclining chair...none of which I've taken pictures of yet!!! Not to mention, Mike and I celebrated our 9th anniversary!

We've also found ourselves hosting game night every weekend! That's been tons of fun for us. We're looking forward to visiting Salt Lake this July and introducing ya'll to the games we've learned out here.

The girls are growing as fast as weeds. Emalee is starting to cruise around the furniture without a second thought. She's excellent at going up our stairs, and climbing from the couch to the computer desk. She still has no teeth. Once she gets those teeth she's gonna eat me out of house and home!!!

Merryetta is such a busy body. Lately she'll come up to me and say, "let's go somewhere mommy!" She's all about her play group every Wednesday morning, and her buddy Jayden on Tuesdays. She's definitely a social bug. Metta is a great little leader in her nursery class too! I think singing time...ok...snack time is her favorite time. :D

Kaleigh is blossoming in her reading. She read Dr. Seuss' book Green Eggs and Ham all by herself. She is improving by leaps and bounds. Her teacher says she's reading at an M level. Kaleigh is also doing really well in Primary. Each week at Family Home Evening, she comes up with yet another answer that astounds us.

Marley is showing her athletic side more and more. I guess she's taking after her mom on that one!!! In school they've been studying different countries. Her favorite country has been France so far. I just can't figure out why it would be France. ;)
She is a great helper at home and school. At school she's known as "Mini-Minner" aka Ms. Minner the school librarian. She's a self-motiviated sweetheart! Marley is really good at reminding us about Family Home Evening, and making sure she has her scriptures ready to go each week. She's absolutely loving Activity days. (Sorry...I can't find a picture of her!!! I'll add one on soon!)

I've been keeping busy with my calling as the Primary chorister. We are doing really well with our songs for the program this year. I'm trying to come up with new ways of teaching and reviewing so the kids...and teachers...don't shut me out. I've heard good things from parents though. As long as the kids learn the songs and don't need charts for the program...I'm all smiles!

Mike's been busy at work too. He's exploring a new direction at work. Right now he's doing in interim position in the Resource Management Department. So far he seems to enjoy his work, and that's a GOOD thing! He's been itching to get out on his bike, and thus far he's had a rather uneventful biking season, much to his dismay. As long as an eventful one doesn't involve another broken bone/bike we'll be set!

Hope you're all doing well...

I have to say a quick congratulations to Joel and Linda on their baby Dallin...
He's Such a QT!!!

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