Friday, March 23, 2007

Our Day at the Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with our friends. For some it was their first time!!! We had a lot of fun and saw some cool animals. The zoo opened at 9:00, and we all got there by 10:00. By then, the parking lot was completely full. That's when we said...Thank goodness we have memberships!!! The lines we would have had to wait in wrapped up and around the sidewalk, and started toward the additional parking lot! Because we had membership cards, we got to stand in the "special" line :D

Once we got in the zoo gates, we lathered up with sunscreen (and for some of apparently wasn't enough). The kids grabbed the zoo map/brochure and plotted our course. Every chance we got they pulled out the map to see where we had been, where we were going next, and how was the best way to get there. It was so fun watching them work together.

We stopped and looked at the big Hyacinth Macaws. Then we went over to Gibbon Island to see the noisy monkeys. They weren't so noisy while we were standing there, but they sure piped up about an hour later!

From there we went to Meerkat Manor. The kids had fun popping up in the middle of the exhibit for a nice up close view.

From there we went to...dun dun dun dun....The Unseen World! All Marley and Kaleigh wanted to know was..."Where's the Anaconda?" So many things to see and explore, and so little time to explore.
After the kids were done exploring the unseen we decided to see the Elephants and Giraffes next...and they were on the other side of the zoo.

On our way to the elephants and giraffes we passed the lorikeet landing. We let the kids get up close and personal by feeding the birds from their hands. Some of us had them walk onto our hands from the tree branches to eat the nectar from the cups.

Others of us were concerned that the birds might land...or do something else on our heads! Either way, we had fun watching the birds eat and fly back an forth right in front of our noses!

The elephants were next on our map, and they looked like they were having fun playing in the mud to keep cool on this unusually warm spring day. The elephants sauntered back and forth around the enclosure. They were interesting to watch. We could only see the giraffes from a distance. It looked like it was their feeding time, and who wouldn't want to eat? right?

Well, that's what we thought too, so from there we headed to a shaded area where we could sit down and eat. And you know what? Those areas were few and far between with as many people as were there today!!!

We managed to find a park bench big enough to fit the whole crew! We sat down enjoyed the break. I didn't know it would take kids so long to eat! I think we spent an hour just eating! By the time the eating was done it was about 2:00. One of our smaller friends had had such a big day that he was getting tired and had to leave for nap time. (I really think we all needed a nap at that point!) The other kids were starting to ask if we could go play on the playground/jungle gym. Where do they get their energy? I need some of it :D

Playing at the jungle gym wasn't exactly the best idea on a busy day like today. The playground was so full with kids that Jennie and I had a hard time keeping track of who went where. So we decided to change our plans. We rounded up the kids and headed for the exit. We told the kids we would get ice cream on the way home, and then play at the new park for a bit. However, once we got in the car and headed home my girls were so tired they turned down the park and ice cream for a NAP! It was definitely a fun busy day. We'll have to do it again...real soon!

For now, you can enjoy the pictures from this adventure!

Love from our little zoo keepers to yours!!!


Colorado Rain said...

WOW! It looks like you all had a great time! The zoo is really so lovely this time of year! Have you ever been to the aquarium in Chatanooga?

BTW, I didn't know that Jenny was expecting! Would you pass on big hugs and congrats from us?

The Hughes
PS: It was wonderful seeing you all the other day!

Robison Klan said...

Oh man! you guys sure have more guts than i do when it comes to letting birds fly infront of your face! ewww i am so scared of birds!
But thats my girls!!!! laugh in the face of danger!!! ha ha ha!!:)
Uncle Bryson and i love you all very much! We are so excited to see all of you this summer!
Well hope to talk to you soon!!!
Love bryson, debbie & BABY!!!