Friday, April 06, 2007

Emalee's 2nd Hemoglobin test came back NORMAL so we have nothing to worry about!!! Yippee!!! We have so many wonderful blessings to be thankful for right now. Had this test come back with other results, it could have gone as far as having to do bone marrow tests. During her blood draw she fidgeted while they were putting the needle in her arm, but other than that she just layed there as calm as could be drinking her bottle, she didn't even cry a tear. Talk about an answer to prayers! The two nurses were just amazed at how well she did. They were nervous about doing the draw because Ema has such small veins, and they weren't sure if the butterfly needle they had would be small enough. But all went well, so we're happy!

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The Zimmermans said...

Hi Rachel,

You emailed me about putting videos on your blog a few months ago. I just wanted you know that I've checked back. It'd be fun to see some videos if you ever get to it, but the photos are great, too!

Take care!