Thursday, April 05, 2007

Emalee's Getting Big!

Well Hello everybody! Emalee had her 9 month check up today. Everything looks excellent! She weighed in at 17 lbs. 10 oz. (25th percentile), she measured 28.5" long (75th percentile), and her head was 44cm (45th percentile). Her doctor was so pleased with her check up. He said he wished all of his patients had check ups that were as nice and easy. I'm just hoping she gets some teeth soon!!! At todays check up they did a finger prick to test her hemoglobin. Unfortunately it came back pretty high. So they want us to go back in early next week for a "vein" draw instead of the finger prick. The doctor says it's more reliable that way. We'll keep our fingers crossed that that was the problem. It could be serious, but it might just be a flaw in the test. Either way we'll let you know how it goes next Tuesday.

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