Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mike's Gone and Done it Again!

Ok, well Mike and his buddy "Cheerios" Westmoreland...aka our game night together and surprised the wives!
The most amazing thing about it was that neither me or Sybrina...("cheerioes" wife)knew anything about it until that afternoon! She knew about it sooner than I did.They planned an immaculate dinner for everybody! London broil steaks...(small steaks for the kids)
...baked potatoes...salad...butter garlic sauted mushrooms...the WORKS!!!
I didn't find out about anything until 5 min. before they knocked on our front door. Needless to say, I wish my house had been a little more prepared for company!
Sybrina and I were banned from the kitchen...I found that he hardest rule to follow. We watched While You Were Sleeping while the guys slaved over the grill, and food prep. It was a really nice/pleasant surprise. Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of the complete meal spread across our table. Everything was DIVINE!!!

Good job guys!!! Let's hope you can continue this high standard you've just set for yourselves! :)

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