Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Fun! Had me a BLAST!

Ok, so this year I decided to get more organized so to speak. I decided that no more am I going to deal with cranky kids who only know how to fight with each other all summer long. So, I came up with this idea to keep us busy for a month or so, until are confined to the car for 3 days driving to UT then back to TN.
Mondays have got to be my cleaning day...if not today...then nothing will get done! then, the kids are ready to spend some outside time, so hey...why not go swimming at the local YMCA? Its free with our membership...(Gotta make that membership count for something!) So from 10-12 on Tuesdays...and Thursdays we go swimming, just long enough to wear everybody out :D Wednesdays are our park day. We don't need to swim every day...but they do need the outside activities...and the park is just right for that! Thursdays, as previously mentioned...we're back at the YMCA for some more swimming :) So of course, by Friday everyone is exhausted...if not sunburned, and ready for an inside day. So that's when we head to the library! It gives the girls a chance to read books...and listen to a story, or something more calmed down. Saturdays then become our family day of fun because daddy is home with us! So we have decided to do bike rides or family drives to do things together.

I'm hoping that by partially scheduling our week, the girls will know what to expect from day to day, and there won't be as much I said, hoping is the key word!
So far this week, it's gone pretty well. Monday we got some cleaning done...not as much as I was hoping for, but hey...I'll take what I can get...when I get it! Tuesday was a fun day at the YMCA.

Today is Wednesday...supposed to be Park day...however, one of the girls little friends in the ward asked us to come play in the water with her. That's where we spent this morning...This afternoon we went to the park with some other friends from the ward! It was definitely a hot day, but fun none-the-less!
Marley invited her friend Kayla to spend the night. It made for a fun end to a fun night! Thanks for visiting Kayla :)

Tomorrow we're supposed to be back at the YMCA, hopefully the sun doesn't get the best of us again!
We hope ya'll are having a fun summer too!


Anonymous said...

Looks refreshing! Wish I could be there too. Grandma

Robison Clan said...


Look at you girls getting so big!
It will be fun to go swimming when you're here! Dont forget to bring a swimming suit!

For me swimming my belly sticks way out, its more of a floating! you ladies look high fashion with your pretty suits!

loving you always!
Uncle Bryson and Aunt Debbie & Baby!