Monday, June 18, 2007


Emalee turned 1 on June 18th this year. She's done quite a bit for a little girl her size too! When she was 6 wks. old, she flew with daddy across the country to see family at her Uncle Mark and Aunt Mitzi's Wedding, and also her Auntie Debbie and Uncle Bryson's wedding!

Since that time our little Ema has done lots of growing, unfortunately, she's still lacking in the dental department. She was lucky to cut her first and second tooth a day or so before her birthday. She now has her top left, and bottom left tooth, which makes for an interesting smile. :)

Emalee is now walking almost everywhere, (she'll run if she's holding onto your pant-leg and you're moving fast) She also does really well on stairs, going up and down. She calls for Ma ma, or Da da when she wants something. If she doesn't want something you're trying to give her, she'll shake her head NO, and then put her hand up to stop you from giving it to her. We've recently got her to stop screaming when she sees something she wants. She kind of mimics the "please" sound after we tell her to say please. We think it's cute, so when she says it, we usually share whatever it is with her :)

Her major Accomplishments and Milestones for this year are:

* Sitting, Standing, Crawling


*Saying Mama and Dada

*Going Up and Down Stairs

*Laughing, Teasing, and Playing Peek-a-Boo!

Well, as you can imagine there are a lot more milestones, and accomplishments that she's had over the past year, but I'm running short on time, so I've named the big ones...I hope you'll forgive me!

We had fun celebrating her birthday. We waited until we received everybody's packages in the mail, so we wouldn't be opening things all week long...
Here are a few pictures we captured during our family celebration...

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