Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Our 4th Of July FHE Bash!!!

Well hello and Happy 4th of July! We decided to do our Family Home Evening today on the 4th because Daddy was home today. Marley was in charge of our lesson and mom (I) had the activity. Marley had us read some scriptures and figure out who they were talking about...Christopher Columbus...Colonists...etc... She had it set up like a matching game so once we looked up the scripture, we had to match the person/group that the scripture referenced. After the lesson we went outside and had a fun family relay! We created our own Boston Tea Party...We cracked the Liberty Bell, and then had a paper plane challenge.

For the Boston Tea Party, we split up into 2 teams. We had to race water from one plastic cup to another one 8-10 ft. away using only a "tea"spoon! It took quite a while, but we did manage to have a winning team...not that anybody noticed cuz we were having SO much fun! Once we determined that the water had been filled to the designated line on the side of the cup, we then headed over to our Liberty Bell.

Our "cleverly" crafted Liberty Bell hung from our Basketball standard, and was anchored by weights. We used rolled up socks as our balls. The object of the game was to throw the sock ball at the bell on the numbered areas to add up to 25 points. I think everybody liked this one the best! I got dizzy just watching them! Once each person got to 25 points, they would go to the plane decorating station.

At the Plane decorating station, we colored our papers, then folded them into any airplane shape we could think of. Once everybody was done coloring, we tested to see whose plane flew the farthest, whose plane did the most tricks, and other fun challenges. I think everybody had a fun time with this Family Home Evening. We finished it off with a bang by watching the MTSU fireworks!

Now we'll have to go see the really big show in Salt Lake for the Days of '47 Celebration!

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