Saturday, June 30, 2007


This has been a year of growth for Kaleigh. She's worked hard at school, and been a big help at home as well. Kaleigh's Milestones and Achievements this year are:

*Learning to Read
*Learning to Tell Time
*Mastered a Two Wheeler
*Lost her 2 Front Teeth

Every year Kaleigh looks forward to her birthday, and this year was no exception. Her birthdays manage to last all year long...don't ask me how! She let us know as soon as school was out what she wanted to do for her birthday....Bowling!!! so we were all ready to go bowling for her birthday, when the movie Ratatouille started showing previews, suddenly...but not shockingly...Kaleigh changed her mind and wanted to go to the movies for her birthday. So, that's what we ended up doing! We saved all her cards, and presents for Saturday to celebrate it when daddy wasn't working until 6.
I had been approached by one of the scouts in our ward to purchase dinner tickets for their scout camp fund raiser. I agreed to do so before I knew it would be the same day as Kaleigh's birthday. Since we did celebrate on Saturday, it gave us a chance to do it all...I guess were the...want the cake and eat it too...type of family! ;)
So Saturday gets here, and we go get our tickets to the movie, run to the store and get some groceries...what we were hoping to do was get our tires rotated, didn't happen...3-4 hr. wait!...anyway... We got busy and realized it was 15 min. before the show start time so we had to race to the theater and hope we had a place to sit...luckily we did! It was a great movie! We all enjoyed it. It was kind of ironic to go to a restaurant right after watching that movie, but we went where Kaleigh wanted to go...and if you've ever visited us, you know the place...Demos' Steak and Spaghetti House. They gave her a delicious brownie topped with a candle, and took her picture. She said she had a good time, and when we got home, the fun didn't stop! She had TONS of presents to open!
I'll start with the presents from UT first!!!
Grandma Reece sent a card with money, Aunt Debbie sent a card with money, and Grandma Arnold sent her a card with a gift card for her! Believe me when I say she's got a list a mile long of things she wants to get :) I was lucky to find her card from Grandma Arnold in the mail so I could hold onto it until we celebrated, she found the cards from everybody else in the mail box, and opened them between the mailbox and the front door...which meant I couldn't get a picture of her opening them :S sorry guys!!! I can assure you her face was the same with each card when she showed me as she came running in the house, what she got in the mail.
The Bates family sent her a beautiful shoulder bag, that came stuffed full with other presents. Inside the purse she found lip smackers, a shirt that is just perfect for her! a notebook which she now covets, some headbands, and barrettes...(if I've forgotten something I'm sorry)...
Daddy gave Kaleigh the choice of her own Wii game. She chose Mario Party 8, over the Big Brain I guess that's what I'll be getting for my birthday! :D
Marley gave her a princess clock to build, and a big 6 ft. sprinkler ring to play in. Merryetta got Kaleigh TONS of sidewalk chalk, with some fun chalk toys. Ema gave Kaleigh the High School Musical Soundtrack, with optional Karaoke 2nd disc. I gave her the 2 disc set of the movie High School Musical- Remix edition, I don't think they've watched anything else for the past few days either :S

The celebrating didn't end there...well...kind of...Because it was such a late night, and all we decided it would be better to wait until Sunday to do the we had fun and did the cake Sunday afternoon.

Happy birthday year older and wiser too...

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