Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm sorry I'm so bad...The whole time Grandma and Grandpa Arnold were here, I didn't get one picture! Maybe Grandma and Grandpa can email me some of their pictures to share ;)

They flew in on Thanksgiving Day, and spent about a week with us. We did have nice weather...until they got here...they must have brought the cooler weather with them.
Ok, so the sun did peek through once in a was just deceptively cool/cold.
All in all it was decent weather though.

While Grandma and Grandpa were here we took it easy. I think they did more driving around than we did! They took the girls out to lunch and the movie Enchanted. We took them grocery shopping with us. They got to enjoy church with us. Grandma was a special visitor in Primary, so we got to sing to her :D
Grandpa got to listen to Daddy give a lesson in Priesthood meeting. And it was my day to play the organ!

Grandpa just couldn't get away from yard work... Daddy kept him busy raking our leaves! And there were a LOT!

Grandma and Grandpa insisted on taking us out to dinner for her birthday, so we went to Davy Crockett's Roadhouse. We also got a private showing for A Bee Movie! It was just us in the about fun!

Grandma brought some craft stuff for the girls to have fun with. They made window stickers that looked like Christmas stockings, they decorated Christmas cookies, and everybody joined in for the decorating of the Gingerbread men cookies! They were yummy too!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! We had a lot of fun while you were here.

And hope you had fun too!

We Love you!!

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joelhead said...

It sounds like Thanksgiving was a wonderful day/week. We missed you all, but are glad you had fun eve despite our not being there. Christmas is now coming up so, merry Christmas!