Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Twas the Week Before Christmas, and I'm just starting my Christmas Letter!

This year has gone by so fast, it's already the middle of December! EEk, I'm running out of time!

Emalee (Ema) is such a precocious little girl! This year she's grown in leaps and bounds! She knows exactly what she wants, and she's quick about letting you know! She especially loves sitting on my lap, (or anybody who will let her) to hear a story. She's figuring out the talking thing one or two words at a time, although, she still allows her sisters still do plenty of talking for her. She loves to laugh, and dance, and play. Her teeth are taking their sweet time in coming in, but that hasn't suppressed her appetite one bit! She can eat! Walking, running, climbing, swinging, and watching tv, are all things that she enjoys doing. When she gets excited about something, she forms a tight "o" with her mouth, opens her eyes really wide and squeals! It's SO cute! I can't believe she's 18 months old already!

Merryetta (Metta) is trying harder every day to be a big girl like her two older sisters. She's counting, and knows her colors really well. She also is very into reading. Her favorite days of the month are the days she gets books in the mail. When she finds money on the floor, she asks, "Mommy, what's this?" I'll say whatever it is...and without fail, she'll say..."Oh, I So Lucky!" I asked Metta what some of her favorite things were, and this is what she told me.

*Favorite Color: "Lellow"

*Favorite Food: "Ticken Nuddets/Hot Dods"

*Favorite Story: My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza

*Favorite Song: Sunbeam Song, and "Na Na Na" from High Stool Musitol 2 (Music In Me).

She's ready to go start a new year!

Kaleigh has had a great year. She's found reading to be an enjoyable get away. Kaleigh has such a love for life and learning, that sometimes getting her to maintain focus on the learning part is a struggle. But all in all, she enjoys life. I dare say that she doesn't wait for fun to happen, she makes the fun happen. (Especially when she should be doing chores) Sometimes I wish I could have just a day in her shoes. Her teacher has told me that "Kaleigh is never in a hurry for anything." How would that be? Make the world wait for me??

Once again, I asked the question..."What are your favorites?"

*Color: Pink

*Food: Macaroni and Cheese with Hot wings :)

(although, she thinks Ranch and Sour cream are their own food groups)

*Favorite Story: Any American Chillers Book

(currently it's Terrifying Toys of Tennessee)

*Favorite Song: I Know that My Redeemer Lives

Kaleigh has made great improvements in school this year and is looking forward to the rest of a good 2nd grade year!

Marley has had a fantastic year herself. It started off with Grandma and Grandpa Reece, and Uncle Nathan visiting for her baptism. She is a big help around the house when she wants to be. In 3rd grade Marley has been busy learning lots of things. This year, she's learned some cursive and multiplication facts. She's really enjoyed reading this year. She's recently performed with the 3rd grade for their Christmas program. I asked her about some of her favorite things. Here's what she had to say...

*Favorite Color: Purple

*Favorite Food: Tacos

*Favorite Book:Anything Junie B. Jones

(Right now it's Junie B Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed by Barbara Park)

*Favorite Song:When I Am Baptized, and Christmas in the West

(from her Christmas Program)

She's very self motivated with her schoolwork, and is always striving for perfection in everything she does.

Mommy is still asking herself where the year has gone. Currently her calling is Primary Chorister. That tends to keep her pretty busy. She also devotes a couple hours each week to volunteering in each of the girls classrooms. She never has been able to stay away from school! This year she's read more books than thought possible (18 she remebers)!
She definitely found her escape, and her house has definitely suffered for it! Some of mommy's favorite things are...

*Favorite Color: Lime Green :D

*Favorite Food: Anything she doesn't have to fix

(although anything is a strong word...she does have a few exceptions to be used at her discretion!)

*Favorite Book: Anything Little House

*Favorite Song: Hmmm just one???

She likes Brad Paisley stuff at the moment! But that can change on a whim!

All in all Mom has had a fun busy year. Filled with new furniture and vacation!
Hopefully the new year will prove to be just as fun.

Daddy has been busy all year long too. He's changed shifts, and do-si-doed positions throughout the year. Now, for the time being, he's got things worked out. Daddy loves to free his mind by riding his bike. So far this year he's put over 1,500 miles on those two wheels! He's put as many (if not more) miles on his bike since he bought it, as it took dollars to buy it!
He likes toys, and usually they're not the cheapest toys. He bought the family a Wii this year just after Valentines day, and since then the family has had some fun times playing games. Even our game night friends have enjoyed playing with us!
Some of Daddy's Favorite things are...

*Favorite Color: Green

*Favorite Food: Hot 'n' Spicy

*Favorite Book: Ender's Game Series by Orson Scott Card

(Really pretty much anything by Orson Scott Card is on his list)

*Favorite Song: Dr. Worm by They Might Be Giants

We have had a crazy fun year this year. It was nice to see many of you!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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Jareds clan said...

Sounds like you guys are doin great. I must say I had forgoten Rachel got glasses and Mike went with contacts recently, so that cought us off guard. anyways you guys look great. The kids are all growin so fast. we sure do miss you guys. we love you. have a very merry christmas.