Friday, January 04, 2008

Marley's 9? Already??? No Way!!!

Well, Marley's getting big on me! She's growing up so fast. She's 9 yrs old now after celebrating her birthday this year. Her birthday fell on a Friday this year. Normally our Friday nights consist of friends and games...we asked Marley what she wanted to do for her birthday. Did she want to do just family, or have our friends come over and play games and either have them celebrate with them, or us celebrate later. She chose to have them come over and celebrate with them.

Our friends came over and surprised Marley with a gift. They gave her a notepad, and a beanie baby squirrel.

Emalee and Metta gave her some Speed Stacking Cups. Man oh'd have thought she won the lottery with that one!

Kaleigh gave her a little hand bag that held some jewelry, and some headbands.

Mike and I got Marley a Wii game. However, Marley has been so confident her ability to accurately predict what a present will be by the size and shape that Mike said from day one, we're going to do a Traditional Arnold Wrap Job!!! I laughed and was all for it. :D

So, here are just a few pictures in the sequence of MANY!!!

After Marley went through the multitudes of papers and wrappings, this was the mess left to be picked up :S

It was late when we got started, and after this last present, it was so late, we went with out cake, so we did that with her the next day.


Little Family said...

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Double Birthday! and we can't forget: Happy Groundhog Day!
Well, it looks there's been nothing but celebrations and festivities at the Arnold casa. We hope they have all been grand.
We love you all so much and miss you like the groundhog misses his shadow.

ps. have you gotten the small birthday gifts from us yet? Sorry it took so long for us to mail them off to you.

MomSqrt said...

Yes we got the birthday gifts for the girls...and they haven't stopped playing since they were opened! The girls love them...Good choice of songs! Thanks again!
We hope you enjoyed the Christmas book for Dallin!
the Southern Folk

Little Family said...

And a big THANK YOU to you guys for the book! It is so cute and is a perfect addition to Dallin's little library of literary legends. hee hee.
By the way, we heard about the weather out there. Are you guys doing alright? We looked at the Map and saw that most of the tornados were on the west side of the state. Did you get any fierce weather where you're at?
We hope you are all safe and sound!
We love you so much!

MomSqrt said...

I'm glad you like the book. I loved it when I read it!
We were pretty lucky with the weather. It really wasn't too bad around here. Memphis and an area NE of Nashville got the worst of it. We had lightning, and wind...but barely enough to disturb the girls' sleep.
We are all very safe and sound after all the weather. We are very grateful for that!
Love ya'll!
Mike, Rach & girls :)