Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Metta Turns 4!

Yippee...Metta had a birthday! Now she's 4! Already, all she can talk about is turning 5 and going to school! Cheeze Whiz...why would she want to grow up so fast!

For Metta's Birthday, her sisters had fun shopping for her.
Emalee got her a set of puppets...

Kaleigh got her a Dora Bouncy Ball!!! Keeps anybody busy for hours!

Marley gave Metta a Puppy Drawing Magnapad. She was ecstatic about it!

Mommy and Daddy have her a little mosquito hand puppet, and a puppet theater to play with. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the puppet theater put together. Sorry...and the mosquito puppet...didn't turn out too well either. :(

But hey, a birthday doesn't end with presents does it? NO!!!!
Ya gotta have the cake!
So, here's Metta and her cake.

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