Friday, February 08, 2008

Metta is Brave!!!

Today, Metta had a well child check up with her doctor. We had to make sure we got to the doctors about 30 min. before our appointment...just to update insurance. She and Emalee were so FABULOUS!!! It made my job so easy. From that office we headed down the hall to her doctor's office. There was a line to check in. (around here...that never happens!) Metta and Ema sat and watched tv in the waiting room, and didn't cause any trouble. the wait was 35-40 min. Through it all, not a complaint or a problem from either of the girls.
I felt bad that when they did finally call us back, both the girls were so into watching Dora the Explorer, and had to get up and miss the rest of it. But even with that, they never complained or whined or anything!

Merryetta got back to the room took her shoes off and went out to the scales. She weighed 41 lbs, and was 42" long! The nurse came into the room and took her blood pressure by "hugging" her arm. Metta went on to tell her about the toy she has at home that does that. (so cute!) Metta also talked to the nurse and told her about the stethoscope we had at home that she played with. Then the wait for the doctor...

We played games like head shoulders knees and toes...peekaboo..put the puzzle with the all the books...thank goodness the doctor came in when he did, because I was running out of ideas to keep them occupied!

The doctor came in and looked in her ears, eyes, and mouth. He told her she's been doing a good job of brushing her teeth. Then he told her to breath in and out so he could hear her lungs/heart. He was all praise! He talked to me about her growth chart..and said she can expect to be around 5'8" if she keeps going the way she has been. Not too much of a surprise there. She is currently in the 90th percentile for height, and the 80th percentile for weight. Not bad for a baby that was preemie!
Then he made Metta kick her legs and feet, and her fingers dance by testing her reflexes. She thought that was quite funny.All week long she's been talking about whether or not she'll be getting shots. I just kept telling her, I don't know you might, and you might not! The doctor said she was all caught up on vaccinations...but if we wanted to jump-start them for next year (kindergarten) now would be a good time. I told the doctor we'd leave the choice to Metta. I explained that she could have no shots today and then get 4 next time, or have 2 today and 2 next time...possibly only one. She chose to get 2 today and 1 or 2 next time insisting they were only baby shots and she could do that! The nurse came in all prepared for her to be fussy and mad..nope...Metta just said owie...and looked at the spot on her arm...SO BRAVE!!! The nurse said...I wish everybody were this easy to give shots to. It would make my day so much easier.
So, to sum it all up, I'm having a proud mommy moment...
ok moment's gone...time to get back to the dishes in the sink!

PS..Since they were SOOO extremely good during the long 2 hr event, I took them out to lunch! cuz they deserved it(...and I didn't want to fix lunch when I got home!)


Little Family said...

What good and brave girls! Isn't it crazy how long the wait can be at the Dr.? We had the same experience with our little guy at his 9 month appointment. At one office we went to, they had lollipops in the waiting room, promising that you wouldn't have to wait longer than the time it took to eat one.....well, that didn't always happen, but it was a nice treat!

Robison Clan said...

Holy Cow!! i still get scared when i go to my check ups! whats the secret girls?
Keep on growing strong and healthy watch it your cousin Derek might out weigh you before to long the way he keeps going! lol

love you guys!

Bryson, Debbie, & Pork Chop