Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Got Tagged!

How long have you been married?

9 yrs and almost 11 months (our 10th anniversary is march 20th)

How long did you date?

We were "introduced" at a group date on Aug. 11th before he left for his mission (Sept. 20th '95). Wrote letters the entire 2 yrs, and then once he came home (sept. 26th '97) dated for almost exactly 6 months before we were married in the Salt Lake Temple

How old is he?

He is almost 32

Who eats more?

That depends on what we're eating. He typically orders the salad...I get the cheeseburger :S We used to have contests. I had to quit doing that once I started getting bigger...and he stayed the same. He will usually eat a little more than me in a meal.

Who said "I love you" first?

Good question...It could've been me...but then again...it could've been him. It would've been about 12 yrs ago when it was first said though...

Who is taller?

He is by about 4 inches

Who sings better?

Well he'll hands down say me...however...he's been told by some music majors that he has a GREAT voice and that he should actually use it! He still adamantly denies it!

Who is smarter?

Well, this is actually a trick question! He asks me for technical smarts like grammar, etc. But I think he still gets off being smarter in an overall sense. I like Joel and Linda's way of saying it! That fits here too!

Whose temper is worse?

I think my temper is. But we both have our moments of losing our wits.

Who does the laundry?

I wash most of it. However...if he wants something specific...usually his workout clothes, he does those.

Who does the dishes?

We both try to do the dishes equally. He helps out quite a bit in the kitchen. Mopping is his chore!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

I always sleep on the "door" side of the bed. I am the one who gets up for kids in the middle of the night if/when needed, and it's easier for me to be near the door...besides...he's my protector! I need him to be by the window for those scary shadows!

Who pays the bills?

Oh that is SO my job! We'd be lost if I didn't keep track of that!

Who mows the lawn?

He does! I've done it a few times. 1/2 an acre is a big yard to mow, and he does a magnificent job of it! (granted our yard isn't pretty grass...it's weeds that look like grass!)

Who cooks dinner?

it goes in rounds...
He'll do dinner, I'll do dinner...it really depends on his schedule. Lately, I fix dinner more than he does...but he's no stranger to the kitchen. Quite often he's in there working side by side till the meal is done and on the table.

Who drives when you are together?

Mostly him. Because my driving makes him nervous... :D

Who is more stubborn?

We're both just as stubborn. I think we both give in just as equally too.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?

I usually don't need to cuz I'm right...but when I am wrong, I'll admit it.

Whose parents do you see the most?

Neither. Out here in TN, we only see family on vacation, and then our time is usually split but it tends to be more his parents because that's where we usually stay when we're in town. Come visit us, you'll see us more!!!

Who proposed?

He did. Conference Sunday October 5th 1997. He looked at me while we were sitting just outside the East gates of Temple square. He looked at me and said..."I just decided I want to marry you!" To which I quickly replied..."You just decided this?" He gave me the ring on November 15th in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building overlooking the Temple and he said," Isn't the temple so beautiful? It'll be even more beautiful seeing this on your finger when we're inside being sealed!" Then he opened the ring box and there was my ring! I gave him a big "tight" hug and said "Of Course!" quickly followed by "I Love You"

Who has more friends?

He would say I do. But that's only cuz when we were in UT and out doing our shopping or whatever...I'd always see somebody I knew. I think he does though cuz I don't get out of the house for much of anything anymore, and he's out at work etc.

Who has more siblings?

Me. He has 2 I have 5!

Who wears the pants in the family?

It really depends on what the job is. I have things I do, and he has things that he does. It's very equal in my point of view though.

Over the years Mike and I have watched others around us and taken notes of what we liked and didn't like in other marriages etc. We have found that selfishness never gets you very far, and is one of the most damaging things in a relationship. Once we made it a goal of ours to do our best to think of the other one first, life got better! For instance...we look at his job as our job, and we use our instead of mine. I am so grateful for a supporting husband. And as much as it gets old to hear...it's the truth, that "as long as you're still holding hands, you're never too far apart!"


We've had a great 10 years....Let's keep it going!

Tag Michele!!! Your turn!

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littlefamily said...

Very nicely done! You guys have such a great marriage and family. I like your answer to the question: Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Funny stuff. The wife is always right, right? :) That's what I've come to conclude. (ha ha.)