Monday, March 10, 2008

We Had Visitors!!!

We had a ton of fun when Matt and Michele, and Zach and Tanner came to visit us.
My house wasn't nearly as ready as it could've been, but oh well... The boys didn't seem to mind!
On Thursday, the little kids went to the park, and had a picnic then went for a walk down the greenway. Later, we all went to Marley's school for the book fair, and had a hotdog dinner. We celebrated Zach's birthday with him. We gave him a few books he enjoyed from the book fair, then we sang to him and let him blow out a candle on a cookie...we saved the ice cream for another time.
On Friday Michele went with Mommy to read some books to Marley's class for Dr. Suess' Read Across America Day, after that we had fun going to lunch, and shopping!!! Daddy had all the little kids with him...he had fun too!!!
Saturday we went to the Mall in Nashville, and Marley and Kaleigh both got to climb the rock wall...and they made it ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!! GO girls!!!
Then we ate dinner at a really fun restaurant called The Aquarium. The kids had more fun watching the fish than eating there dinner I think!
We went home and made cookies, and had ice cream!...YUM!!!
Unfortunately Sunday came way too fast, and we had to say goodbye!
We hope you can come again soon! maybe our house will even be a little cleaner for you! :D
We LOVE you!

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littlefamily said...

Sounds like a great time! Especially that hot-dog dinner....yummy! Nothin' like downin' dogs on the weekend.

The Aquarium must have been a lot of fun. Did you see Nemo? We heard he was pretty famous.
We love ya!