Monday, February 18, 2008

Remembering Great Great Grandpa White

We're so glad we had the opportunity to see our Great and (Great-Great) Grandpa at his 102nd birthday party. That was the last time my family and I got to see and talk with him. It came as a relief when I got the message he had passed away Sunday morning (Feb. 17th). I'll miss him. He was my last surviving grandparent. But I'm happy he's in a better place and not sick and uncomfortable any more. He's with all those who have gone on before.

I have so many memories of him....

I remember being in Las Vegas and he was the sacrament speaker. They let him talk and talk about his life. I remember it lasted forever, but that it was so interesting I could have listened even longer.

I remember how much heart he put into everything he did. He never just sat around waiting for something to find him. He went and found something to do.

I remember his yard was so beautiful! I remember seeing different stones he'd cut and polished and turned into jewelry. I remember seeing the machines he made...just because he saw one and said...hey, I can make that so he did!

I remember his jumping in the pool and swimming with all the great grandkids. He was pretty old then, but he still jumped in the water and swam with us!

I remember visiting him when I was awfully little. I always loved going to visit him because it was never boring. He always had something to share. Usually something he made.

I remember as he stood by his daughter (my Grandma Marley) as she lay sick with cancer and held her hand and talked to her in her last days speaking words of comfort to her.

I remember his passion for life. And not letting a day slip by without being grateful he had it.

I'm grateful to him for the memories he shared with me. For the wonderful example of what we can and should be.... Strong in the gospel, and Faithful till the end.

We will treasure those knitted caps he made. And use them as a reminder of the legacy he's left us.

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

We Love You

Great (Great) Grandpa White

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littlefamily said...

Wasn't he such an amazing man! I loved reading your memories of him.
I remember the few times that we went to visit him, I loved just listening to him and the stories and counsel he would share. What a blessing to be free from pain, and to be with loved ones again.