Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 Is Great!!!

Kaleigh turned the Mighty 8 Years old this year! In preparation for her baptism, this birthday was the special one.

For her birthday this year, Emalee gave Kaleigh some High School Musical body wash and shampoo with a little bath sponge and some body lotion. I think Kaleigh liked the idea that it was High School Musical the best.

Merryetta gave Kaleigh a beautiful necklace with the letter K on it, and some beautiful hair clips with little...what she calls diamonds...on them. Kaleigh thought they were so beautiful, and they look just stunning on her!

Marley gave Kaleigh a nice scrapbook. Kaleigh had been asking for one ever since Marley got one for her birthday! It's so cute how she and Marley find special things to put in their scrapbooks!

Mike and I gave Kaleigh a scripture case filled with scriptures, and a marking pencil. We also gave her her baptism dress that made her look just like a little bride!

I can't seem to find any pictures of the birthday cupcakes we celebrated with. :(
We put cake batter into ice cream cones and baked them up then frosted them. We stuck candles in them and had her blow them out....Emalee tried to blow them out as if they were hers :D

Unfortunately the day of Kaleigh's birthday was her primary teacher's memorial service. Her primary teacher passed away from injuries sustained in a serious car accident earlier that week. It made celebrating Kaleigh's birthday kind of an after thought. We only had a little bit of time between church getting out, eating dinner and celebrating her birthday. Kaleigh and Marley both insisted on going to the Memorial service which we had no problems with. We did have cake and Ice cream with grandma and grandpa Reece, Nathan, and Braxton while they were here.

Overall, Kaleigh was happy and had fun celebrating her birthday! She had cards and money from the Reeces, and Debbie. She keeps spending it in her mind...but can't seem to do it for real!

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Robison Clan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! XOX from aunt debbie and uncle bryson and of course little pork chop!