Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Emalee's 2nd Birthday

Emalee celebrated her 2nd birthday!
She wasn't quite sure what to do with the presents or the birthday cake! Luckily she has 3 big sisters to help her out right?
It was kind of late by the time we got things moving! For her birthday she got birthday cards with money from Aunt Debbie, and the Reeces. She'll have fun at the store for hours now! The Bates gave her pretty turquoise/teal summer dress with a little white shirt underneath. I LOVE those colors and they look good on Ema!

Ema got a new little potty chair, and some training pants...she is starting to potty train herself! How could I get SO lucky?!

She also got some fishy "Nemo"like bath toys! Lately she's figured out the word "mine" and she repeats it over and over...just like the seagulls in Disney's Finding Nemo. Mike has been teasing her by repeating "mine-mine-mine" in the same tone as the seagulls from the movie so much that he had to get out the movie and watch it. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Ema LOVED it! Unfortunately, she started repeating MINE even more often, and laughing about it too!

While we were out birthday shopping, I found the CUTEST little outfits! The girls helped choose out a couple that we thought were the cutest ones for Ema. Both had white shirts underneath, one was orange with flowers printed over it, and the other was pink and white striped with a little watermelon on the front of it. She also got a few little hair clips to keep her bangs out of the way. She was in love with them when she saw them!
The girls each found a little outfit for her... A Tshirt that says "daddy's cupcake" and a pair of khaki pants, a strawberry shortcake shirt with a pair of levis. She loves her new clothes. Now if we could just keep them nice and clean for more than a day! She also was really excited about her new...although pretty warped...outdoor kick ball! She hasn't seen a problem with it, so neither do I! ;)

Mom and Dad gave Ema a "Barbie Tough Trike"
Grandma and Grandpa Arnold sent Ema a package that arrived on her birthday! What luck! Inside, was a Little People toy, and a beautiful summer dress. She's put on a show every single time she's put it on!

After all the presents were opened, we went to the kitchen to enjoy the yummy cake. Ema got to taste it before anybody else...that sneaky little girl has a nose for baked goods! She will climb up on anything to get any place just to get a handful of a pretty cake. We managed to salvage most of the cake, and hide some of the finger prints. She was a little nervous about blowing out the candles, but once she figured out what to do, she happily blew out the candles.

All in all, She had a Happy Birthday!

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Robison Clan said...

me oh my! you are sure growing up into a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday!

we love you!