Monday, July 07, 2008

Family Fun Time!

Today was a long but fun day! The Bates family and The Reece family joined us for some site seeing around the "Boro." This area is rich in US Civil War history. Grandpa Reece loves to walk around historical sites and read all the information he can. We had my nephew Braxton with us and as we were reading through all the pictures and walking through the museum, we noticed that one of the Generals during the Civil War had the same name as him! We had to take his picture by General Braxton Bragg!

The little gift shop was full of fun little trinkets and books (more than one could possibly read in a lifetime I think) Braxton picked out 2 soldiers on horses to play with! There was an announcement that a caravan tour would be starting shortly and we decided to join up and hear the most detailed and informative tour we could take about this war. It was a long tour but the kids found things to keep themselves occupied during all the talking!

Emalee and Tanner seemed to find every little patch of dirt and amused themselves digging in them all! Some of the other kids played tag in the back ground away from the talking. Braxton was quite the little listener. The caravan tour was only 4 stops but lasted about 90 min. It was a hot humid day, and the weather was threatening to go bad at any minute.
All in all, the kids took it quite well I'd say!

From the battle ground, we went to the little village called Cannonsbourgh. (Cannonsburgh, the original name of Murfreesboro, is a reconstructed Southern village.) Every time my parents have come, they've wanted to walk through and see it, however, every single time they've gone to see it, the buildings have been locked up! No different this time either! Sorry guys! We just circled the grounds and looked at the old buildings. The kids found a train car they climbed on for a few minutes.

The different buildings at Cannonsbourgh are:
* Gristmill
* One-room schoolhouse
* Town hall
* Log home
* Little white country church
* Large collection of antique farm equipment
* General store
* Museum
* Blacksmith's shop

Through out the day we kept telling the kids there was fun stuff coming up but they had to follow directions to get to do the fun stuff! Well...we cut it as close as we possibly could! Murfreesboro has a fun little Discovery center.

(Here is a link for you to check out more stuff than what I got pictures for if you want!

We got there and had about 40 minutes til closing time. Well worth it I think! Here are a few things the kids did that I was able to catch with the camera...

They dressed up like firemen and pretended to drive the big fire truck!

They played store at the little "farmer's market"

Play with simple machines... like inclined planes, and pulleys, and gears

Or pretend they're checkers at the local grocery store! Of course...Ema thought it was a phone and computer...not a food she's pretending it's a secretary desk! ;)

Tanner liked playing on the for kids...not so fun for the grown-ups cuz it meant running up and down the stairs to find them after they went down the slide!!! The first time Ema went on the slide...she "jumped" on and slid down...So not like herself...usually timid about big slides...especially ones that are tunnel slides that loop around! I guess she's cured for the now?!

This is the little choo choo train model that the kids could pretend to control and steer. Ema was in such a goofy mood today...oh my goodness! Check out this pretty face she pulled for the camera!

Well, our fun and learning never ends...but this post does!
We're glad you came along for the visit!
Click on the title to this post to see what other sites are around here in Rutherford County!


Charlotte said...

i didn't realize there were civil war sites in tennessee. sounds like a lot of fun. i've enjoyed the historical stuff in boston. that would be fun to see next time i'm down that way.

Robison Clan said...

WOW!!! Looks like you guys were having a blast!! i wish i had one of those toys here for me to play on! :)