Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kaleigh gets Baptized

Kaleigh was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today. She has been looking forward to her baptism for a while now!

We had members of the ward help out with the talks, and family helped out with the prayers.
We started by singing When I Am Baptized just as Marley did for hers :) Then Aunt Michele gave the opening prayer.
Then, Sister Dunn gave a talk on Baptism. She talked about:

*Who gets baptized
(anybody who is 8 yrs old or older)

*How is the baptism done
(by immersion- completely under water by one in authority to do so)

*Why we are baptized
(To show faith, obedience, and for a remission of sins)

When we are baptized we make a covenant saying that we promise to:

Always remember Him
Always serve Him and to Keep His commandments
Always stand as a witness for Him at all times
Love and serve others
Repent of our sins

Our Heavenly Father Promises to:

Forgive my sins
Have the gift of the Holy Ghost
Give me Eternal Life with Him.

Sister Dunn encouraged Kaleigh to write her thoughts and feelings down in a journal so she can look back on them and always remember.

Sis. Fulton gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.
She reminded us that the Holy Ghost is a special gift and companion that can be with us always. We are given the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by those who are worthy. Sis. Fulton talked about how we can recognize the spirit, and allow it to help us. Sis. Fulton had me get up and bear testimony of the Holy Ghost in my life too.
From there we went to the font for the baptism where her father (Mike) performed the baptism.

Grandpa Reece, and Grandpa Arnold served as the witnesses for the baptism.

Others that came to see the baptism were the Kaelberer family, Sis. Norris (Primary Pres.), Sis. Arnold (Primary), Sis. Fulton (Primary Pcy) and her husband, Sis. Dunn (Primary Pcy) and Bro. Dunn of the bishopric, Bro. McDermaid of the bishopric, who conducted and presided, Grandma and Grandpa Reece, Uncle Nathan, Cousin Braxton, Grandma and Grandpa Arnold, Matt and Michele Bates with their kids, Zach and Tanner. Her sisters Marley, Merryetta, and Emalee were also there!

After she was baptized, she changed clothes to her dress. She was so happy and smiley she looked like an angel!

She was confirmed by her father as Robert Kaelberer, Matt Bates, Eric Dunn, Cory McDermaid, Grandpa Reece, and Grandpa Arnold completed the circle.

I don't think I'll ever know if Kaleigh was nervous. If she was she never let on that she was. I really think she liked being the center of attention for a few minutes. When Marley was baptized, I rushed her to change and to get back to the other room mostly because Mike had left his towel at home and needed to use Marley's towel. With Kaleigh, I let her take her time.
Even though we took our time, We still beat Mike back to the Relief Society room. She had lots of comments about how she looked in her dress. She just smiled and sat like a little lady while we waited.

Once Daddy was back in the room, Kaleigh was welcomed to Primary by Sis. Norris, the Primary President. She also said some words on behalf of Kaleigh's Primary teacher who passed away the week earlier. Then Bro. McDermaid welcomed her to the ward.

We sang the closing song of I Know My Father Lives, then Uncle Nathan said the closing prayer. It was such a wonderful day. We missed those of you who couldn't make it, and were wonderfully surprised by those who did!


Robison Clan said...

We would have loved to have been able to be there with you during this special time in your life. You have such great parents that are wonderful examples to you. Know that you are loved very much, and you may not notice it, but i know your little sister's think that you and Marley are the coolest big sisters ever. We are so proud of you and all that you have done. great job CTR. You're such an amazing little lady.

We love you so much!


Aunt Debbie said...

our comment above was supposed to have derek's name spelled under debbie :)