Sunday, August 17, 2008

What??? NO TV???

Hi everybody!
I took my Sister-in-Law's challenge to find something we could do without for a month! Yes... I chose the TV!!! It came as quite an easy decision for a few reasons...

1- It was on ALL day and almost ALL night! (some days I think it was on from midnight to midnight...I kid you not!)

2- There was nothing of real value on!

3- When my kids were seated in front of the tv, they would talk through me to the tv.

These were the top 3 reasons...I'm sure there were other factors ;)

We allowed 1 dvd a day...yes there were somedays where that 1 dvd was replayed 3 or 4 times back to back... (4 kids need something to do on mucky days or days over 100 and I was busy cleaning)

I dare say we've hardly noticed the LACK of tv! Our evenings have been spent having quality family time. We've been reading the scriptures every night with the girls...(all their doing) and we haven't had to wait for this show or that show to be over! We don't miss what we don't know about...right???

We've turned most of our evenings into fun family time...aka FHE everynight! Really we just do the formal lesson and activity once a week. We've done fun things like...Name that Rock Star...where mike will play random songs and the girls have to guess who is singing the song...(that's one of Mike's favorite games to play :S not mine!)The girls are REALLY good at it too!

We've had dancing competitions...or dance nights... the girls show off their groovy moves, then it rolls over into "when I your age the worm was popular" or "When I was your age the running man doing the cabbage patch was the dance! So needless to say, that Mike and I had to show off our ages and prove we could still do the dances...him the cabbage patch running man... :$ shudder shudder shudder!

Anyway...MOVING right along!!!! I expect to have many more fun times. I don't know when we'll re-instate the tv. I kinda like it.

Thanks Linda for the inspiration!
What's next? the internet??? j/k!!! I absolutely couldn't follow through with that one!

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