Thursday, August 07, 2008

School Uniforms

Well this year at school the girls are required to wear uniforms. It has been a chore to find what we needed in the right size. I finally found what I thought would work. I had to order it online without the girls getting to try anything on before hand. Kinda not fun!

Anyway...I ordered their clothes on August 1st and all looked well because it said "usually ships in 24 hrs" Looks can be deceiving! The order receipt showed deliver between Sept. 5th and 25th. WAY too late for school! It starts next monday the 11th. I was racked with anxiety because I didn't know whether I should change the order to be 2 day express delivery or just leave it regular. I ended up calling the online number to see what they thought I should do. We decided to leave it regular shipping as it was free and not an extra $45! I've been online checking my email regularly (every hour or so) to check for the delivery notification email. It finally showed up on the 5th. *sigh of relief* Well, then I had to keep watching my email to track the package. It finally showed up tonight at 7:00 pm!!!

Here's what the girls will look like going to school this year!
(sorry in advance for the blurry pictures)

The girls will be wearing navy blue pants or khaki pants with either a red white or blue polo shirt. They have a white sweater for use when it's cool in the class room.
The girls are pretty excited about the dresses! They're actually going to wear them to church on Sunday :D
It was amazing how grown up both the girls looked in the uniforms! Where did the time go?
I have 2 young ladies not kids!


Stephanie said...

Those are really cute uniforms! At least you got the stressful stuff out of the way early. It's going to be SO nice not having to pick out outfits for the girls to wear the next day.

The Bay Family said...

They look so cute! I always wanted to have school uniforms. I hated trying to figure out something to wear.

The Bay Family said...

You're absolutely right! I should have thought to call you about Kevin first. I have NO idea why I didn't. I sure will remember to next time though!