Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Grades = Reward Time = I scheduled what for when?

Well we've put it off as long as we possibly could. We're off to see High School Musical 3!!!
The girls have worked extra hard for the last 9 weeks, keeping up on homework, doing projects, reading tons and tons, and somewhat managing to keep their room clean...or at least when it counted. So as a reward we picked them up from school, and took them to see the movie, then out to dinner at Red Robin! The girls seemed to have a good time. The movie was good, and the food was good too!

Only after all of our fun did we realized Mike and I had been some MAJOR space-cadets with our schedules today!

Mike and I are usually very organized about what is going on and when. We ok...I was up early with the girls to get them to the bus stop then started cleaning. We had our Realtor come over and go over some comps for the house we are interested in and then talked about what we wanted our offer to entail etc. It all went really well...and got us even more excited about the whole offer stage...

Mike got busy doing one thing or the next after our Realtor thing led to another to another and so forth...

I sat back on the couch and watched some TV with the girls...(they really like Caillou!) Then checked the time and decided if we were going to follow our day as planned, we needed to be heading out to get those things done before we were supposed to pick up the girls at 2:30. We raced out the door, for our list of errands and to get the girls etc. Get to the movie theater, and as we're waiting to be seated a bolt of lightning hit me as I realized Mike had just missed his eye appointment! It'd been scheduled for MONTHS!!! As we walk into the theater he calls them realizing he'd completely spaced it off and had to reschedule it...thank goodness there were no "missed appointment" charges! Now he gets to do it next week!

So then we sit and enjoy the movie...then go out to dinner. It wasn't until on the way to dinner I realized I had completely missed an appointment I scheduled too! Today was the day I had scheduled to have Kaleigh's Parent Teacher Conferences! Eek I totally spaced it off! I had my phone set to remind me. But had turned all sounds off because of being in the theater. I feel just awful about missing that. It not only was Kaleigh's homeroom teacher, but the Title I teacher Kaleigh works with. I NEVER miss PTCs! This is the one that we get the report card too!
I just want to cry because...well just because! :'(

I really don't know what happened today other than we got mixed up in doing fun stuff with the girls and forgot about all else. Mike and I are very much we say we'll be there and we're there...on time or early! I feel like such a failure :(

Oh well...I guess the old saying, "There's no use crying over spilled milk!" applies here!


MotherMonkee said...

Well, at least it can all be re-scheduled! Besides, it sounds like what you did end up doing was way more fun. (I didn't say responsible but, fun) and everybody needs time for that!

littlefamilyJLD said...

With you, 4 kids and a husband's schedule to keep track of, you are definitely allowed a day off now and then!