Sunday, October 26, 2008

Emergency Room and Child-like Faith

Looks like we have a trip to the emergency room tonight for some stitches...
I just happened to have a little butterfly bandage to hold it together for the ice pack.

Tonight as the girls were "winding down" for bed, and not being very successful at it, Metta had a mis-hap. The girls came rushing into the living room where I was sitting and talking with Mike, and were frantically telling me something was wrong with Metta. I looked over at Metta, and her mouth was all smeared in what looked like red candy. As I took a closer look I realized her lip was split and she was covered in blood (sorry for the groesome image). I imidiately looked up at Mike and said, she needs stitches.

Here's the story we were able to get out of her with her sisters' help..

She had been running around playing with my old cell phone.
"I was jumping on the mattress [not the bed] and I fell down and the phone fell on me on my face."

The mattress she was jumping on was the extra crib mattress that isn't used anymore. The phone she was playing with was my old Palm phone...big and heavy... it just happened to get her in the "right" spot to make her bite her lip and split it open. I don't know that I even saw her shed a tear through this whole ordeal. I think shock was her reaction.

Mike was very much...she'll be fine...I don't think she needs stitches! I looked at the gap again, and insisted that she did... I also brought up the idea having Mike give her a blessing. Metta looked right at Mike and said,
"If I have a blessing it will get better faster Daddy!" I looked up at him trying not to give him and "I told you so" look.

Mike texted a friend of ours from the ward to help him give her a blessing. He was here in a matter of minutes. Afterwords, Mike made a comment about her having that "child-like" faith and keeping it even when you're grown up.

I have never doubted the power of blessings. I LIVE by that faith. I can't imagine not having faith in that. It made me happy to see that same faith in Merryetta. I do hope and pray she continues to hold on to that faith.

Metta was a little nervous about going to the doctor, she kept asking if the doctor could just come to our house and fix it there. But she was brave and went out to the car holding daddy's hand.

So here I am at home...posting this...and my dear husband is with her in the emergency room even though he is the one who has to be up and at work by 6 am. I do appreciate his sacrifices for me and the girls :)

Here's to a calm Sunday night right???


Meghan said...

Oh man!!! How scary it is to be a parent sometimes. I love the the faith of the child. They can teach us so much!!!

MotherMonkee said...

Poor Metta! What a brave girl! Funny how a mom can look at a cut and "know" it needs stitches, I did the same thing with Cait's. I hope she heals very quickly!