Monday, December 08, 2008

Kaleigh is Citizen of the Week in School

So Kaleigh was chosen to be citizen of the week this week. Her teacher sent home a little information sheet for her to fill out as well as the request to write a story about her. Oh goody...homework for me! But seriously...I really don't mind too much doing this kind :)

I’m Special
Information Sheet

Name: Kaleigh M. Arnold

Where and when I was born: Salt Lake City, Utah on June **th 2***

Parent’s name: Michael and Rachel

Where I live: with my family in Tennessee now. I moved from Utah 5 yrs. ago

Brothers/Sisters: 1 older sister, Marley, and two younger sisters Merryetta, and Emalee

Pets: I don’t have any pets but I would like to have a cat sometime.

Favorite Foods: I LOVE macaroni and cheese and hotwings with regular ranch. Pretty much anything with regular ranch is good. I don’t like blue ranch.

What I enjoy doing: I enjoy riding my bike, playing with my sisters, playing with my friends, watching tv, and reading.

Favorite TV shows: Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, I love the Disney Channel.

Favorite Books: Junie B. Jones, Captain Underpants, and Ricky Ricotta.

My most interesting experience: When I was almost 3 yrs. old, my family went on vacation to Seattle Washington. We stayed with my mom’s aunt and uncle, and their family. We got to ride on a ferry around the San Juan Islands. We got to eat lunch in the Space Needle Restaurant that spins. We got to see some whales in the ocean. We went to the childeren’s Science Center and played all day. It was really fun. Later that year we drove across the country when my family moved to Tennessee. That’s a long time in the car.

and here is the story we came up with :D

Once upon a time June **, 2***, to be exact and in a land 1800 miles away from here, in Salt Lake City, Utah was born a sweet little girl. She was the 2nd of what are now four! Kaleigh M. Arnold would be known as her name.

Her strong will was evident as she stared at the doctor then turned off her ears. When mom whispered, “candy” her eyes got wide and she spun her head ‘round. That magic word is really quite dandy.

Kaleigh’s adventures were never dull. She’d play in the mud, she’d play in the grass. She’d play all day if mom would allow. Put on some music and watch her go! She can sing, she can dance, just give her a chance!

Then one day an announcement was made. Kaleigh would have a baby sister to aid! She planned and she planned and just knew she was ready. Then came the decree... The family was moving to Tennessee!

Her goodbyes were rough. She said,”but we’ll see you all soon! We’ll chat on the phone!” She climbed in the car and they headed East. Man saying goodbyes can just be a beast!

Tennessee soon welcomed her family and her. She gave up her tan, and her bleach blond hair, but she found an accent that she’s ready to share! Kaleigh is a friend true blue to the end. She’s smiley and happy and genuine too. She will give you a hug, or a pat on the back. She will even help you finish your snack.


Christian and Katie said...

Way to go Kaleigh! I liked the story too. Very clever and creative!

MotherMonkee said...

Way to Go Kaleigh!! I enjoyed your story.

littlefamilyJLD said...

that story is so cute. and congratulations Kaleigh! You are awesome!