Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to show...
our batteries died :'(

I have a handful from Christmas Eve, and practically NOTHING from Christmas Day!
Grandma and Grandpa Reece gave the girls their traditional pajamas! The girls LOVED them!
Grandma sent each of my 4 girls a little ornament that had some Smartees and....a $20 bill! All the girls loved the money! They think they are SO rich :D

Uncle Nathan gave us a FUN game that we've been too cheap to buy ourselves...
Ticket to Ride!

Santa must have been scared away this year. He left a half a cookie, and crumbs all over the table! Not to mention, he got my Sparkling Cider I was saving for Christmas Dinner out of the fridge, and DRANK most of it!

He left a special package on the table next to the plate of cookies. Inside the girls found a special note saying that before we could open any presents, we had to call Grandma and Grandpa Arnold to see what Santa left for them.

Every year we've been in Tennessee, Santa has left a letter for us leaving special instructions to a "special" present... What could it be this year?!

Knowing that they are in Utah, and we are here in TN, and that they are an hour behind us it would be cruel to call them too early...so we waited until 7:00 our time to call :D

It turns out, Grandma and Grandpa Arnold only wanted ONE thing for Christmas, and that was to see ALL their Grandchildren! They have 2 in Utah, and 4 in Tennessee! How could they see ALL of them for Christmas? Santa left them plane tickets! The only catch was they had to be at the airport THAT afternoon! not much time to get ready!!!

The girls had the choice to wait until Grandma and Grandpa flew in to open their presents, OR open them before they got here. I think Santa was hoping they'd wait, but it sounded like Grandma and Grandpa were encouraging them to open without waiting. Probably a good idea after we checked the weather reports for UT...HUGE SNOW STORM APPROACHING!!! They didn't want the girls to post-pone just in case they didn't make it here because of weather... so the presents ALL got opened :)

Santa brought us all NEW stockings! It was about time, the old ones were getting a bit tattered after 11 years...

Here are a few pictures that I do have... These are gifts the kids gave to each other...

Marley and Kaleigh got MP3 players, Merryetta and Emalee got Cabbage Patch dolls!
They each got a Read and Follow Storybook with CD to follow along with.
Marley got Wind in the Willows, Kaleigh got Amelia Bedilia and the Surprise Shower, Metta got Arthurs Family Vacation, and Ema got a Backyardagains, All Around the World.

They got a couple movies, and a couple Wii games...
Meet the Robinsons, and Bee Movie,
Boom Blox and Big Brain Acadamy

Marley and Kaleigh also got books 1-5 of the Magic Tree House Collection, and the cool thing was those books were already on the MP3 players so the girls can follow along with them too!

Mommy and Daddy gave each of the kids a KLUTZ book, and an EZ Bake oven to play with at Mom's discretion ;)

The girls gave Mommy a HUGE paper cutter. The girls gave Daddy Wii things (zapper, steering wheel, and 2000 online purchase points), and Socks.
Each of their presents had a new tie attached! Dad's ties have been around since his mission...it was time for new ones!

Daddy had a special request for Santa this year. He wanted to get Mom some Willow Tree figurines. The only problem was every time he saw them, Mommy caught him looking at them, so he couldn't get them. So daddy told Santa ALL he wanted for Christmas was to see that Mommy got them, because he couldn't do it without her seeing. Santa came through and brought her 6 figurines!
Sister's By Heart, Together, Joy, Heart and Soul, Two Alike, and Love of Learning.

Mommy was SO SO SO surprised :D

We had a most excellent Christmas this year.

Matt and Michele...sorry about the box filler mess...well mostly :D
We hope the boys truly enjoy the Cars Adventure Kit and their books.
They sure sounded excited!!!

Mark and Mitzi!
The headbands and flowers were perfect! The girls have worn them every day since, and got LOTS of compliments on Sunday! Just wonderful!!! We had a fun family night watching the movie and eating popcorn...and we have had fun playing ping-pong. Thank you!!!

We're glad we were able to share some time with Grandma and Grandpa Arnold this year. The kids enjoyed your visit, and it was fun for me to try out some new recipes on ya too! Thanks for the games and the Money :)

Grandma and Grandpa Reece...and Nathan too!
Thank you for the really WARM jammies for the girls. Mike LOVES his BYU stuff and they fit really well! The girls are absolutely beautiful in their new dresses.
I love my "green" jammies too :)
Thanks for the game! It's a fun one!


Marnie said...

what a fun Grnadma and Grandpa-flying out to see there grandkids. I still can't believe you have four girls-how fun.

littlefamilyJLD said...

Merry Christmas to you all! It looks like you had a great time. We miss you and love you tons!

Jared and Emily said...

Wow! The girls look fantastic! Sounds like a great Christmas! I think Jared is jealous of Mike's Christmas gifts!

Robison Clan said...

What fun presents! I love the pic at the end of all the girls!!! Oh they are growing up so fast!!! Marley I hope you had a great Birthday! Uncle Bryson and I will get a card in the mail to you, although it will be a little late. We love you all! xoxo,