Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Metta!

Metta turned 5 years old this year...I can hardly believe it!
She is growing up SO SO SO fast!

Metta is excited to be 5. She is excited for Kindergarten!
(I still can't believe that come this fall it will just be me and Ema at home!)

We waited til last minute to go shopping for Metta's birthday... I just needed a bit more of a break from Christmas! We managed to get shopping for 2 birthday's done at the same time...ok, so we kind of HAD to...anyway...
My original thought was to get a cake that would work for both girls' birthdays... Kaleigh told me to get a Dora the Explorer cake. I told her ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Those things are expensive!! I got to the store, and wasn't too impressed with the ones I saw...I knew they all tasted great! But the frosting colors just weren't right...then I saw one with colors that would work for both...I never saw the top of it until I got it off the shelf. I thought...well...Metta, today is your lucky day! She LOVED the cake! oh, and it was a fun birthday present too! The game that adorned the top was a cute little addition! She was all over it!

For her birthday, Metta wanted anything she saw in the store. I had to put some limits down. Her sisters each got to choose something for her. Since nobody got clothes for Christmas, they were definitely needed for birthdays! So, of course, that's what Mommy and Daddy gave her :)
Pants and a handful of shirts! This little girl just can't keep her belly covered, she's got such a long middle!
Yeah Mom...and Dad..."thanks" for the clothes!!! Best EVER!!! ;)

Here she was trying to decide whose present she wanted to open next....hmmmmm....
This is what Kaleigh gave her! I think it was a winner!!!

Next is what Marley gave her...
Metta was pretty excited over this one too! can you tell?

Ema gave her... her own All About Me!! Scrapbook!!!
Look at those eyes...can you SEE how HAPPY she is???

Her sisters definitely made some good choices!
After looking over these pictures...I really should have made her wash her face before we got started...Oh well...

Happy birthday Metta!!! We LOVE you!!!

As a little side note...
Grandma and Grandpa Arnold added to the Dora Theme for her birthday by giving her a Dora Pillow case, and warm fuzzy Dora blanket. She won't go to bed unless she's got both in hand :)

Grandma Reece sent some money...she's still trying to decide what she wants...but she's happy!

Uncle Joel and Aunt Linda sent her her own PERSONALIZED notebook, and some fancy colored pens...BIG HIT!!!! thx

Thank You to everybody!!! You helped to make a 5 yr old VERY VERY VERY happy!!!
her mother THANKS you greatly!!!


Jared and Emily said...

Happy Birthday to you Metta! 5 Years old! That is the best age ever to be!

Lila said...

happy belated birthday metta!